AdvancementPack – Java Achievements & Advancements Into Bedrock! (Parity / Add-On) [1.17+]

Give spice to your gameplay by bringing Java advancements into Bedrock Edition with this AdvancementPack Java Achievements addon ! Featuring a Java-like popup display whenever you unlock an achievement and advancement, per world per player.  

Created by: r4isen1920

Pack version: v3.0

Pop-up Toast Display

Upon unlocking an advancement, like in the original Java edition, a pop-up message would appear. This feature has been implemented into this add-on:





Minecraft – the heart and story of the game:

  1. Stone Age – Mine stone with your new pickaxe and then hold it
  2. Getting an Upgrade – Construct a better pickaxe and hold it
  3. Acquire Hardware – Smelt an iron ingot and then hold it
  4. Suit Up – Protect yourself with a piece of iron armor
  5. Hot Stuff – Fill a bucket with lava
  6. Isn’t it Iron Pick – Get your hands on an iron pickaxe
  7. Not Today, Thank you – Try blocking with a shield
  8. Ice Bucket Challenge – Obtain a block of obsidian and then hold it
  9. Diamonds! – Acquire diamonds and then hold it
  10. We Need to Go Deeper – Build, light and enter a Nether portal
  11. Cover Me With Diamonds – Diamond armor saves lives so wear the full set
  12. Enchanter – (Unobtainable for now)
  13. Zombie Doctor – Weaken and then cure a Zombie Villager
  14. Eye Spy – Throw an Eye of Ender
  15. The End? – Enter the End dimension



Nether – bring summer clothes:

  1. Return to Sender – Destroy a Ghast with fireball
  2. Those Were the Days – Enter a bastion remnant
  3. Hidden in the Depths – Obtain Ancient Debris and then hold it
  4. Subspace Bubble – Use the Nether to travel 7 km in the Overworld (Use the Nether to travel between 2 points in the Overworld with a minimum horizontal distance of 7000 blocks between each other, 875 blocks in the Nether)
  5. A Terrible Fortress – (Unobtainable for now)
  6. Who is Cutting Onions? – Obtain Crying Obsidian and then hold it
  7. Oh Shiny! – Distract Piglins with Gold by bartering with it
  8. This Boat has Legs – Ride a Strider with a Warped Fungus on a Stick
  9. Uneasy Alliance – Rescue a Ghast from the Nether, bring it safely home to the Overworld… and then kill it (Kill a Ghast while in the Overworld)
  10. War Pigs – (Unobtainable for now)
  11. Country Lode, Take me Home – Have a Lodestone compass in your inventory (AdvancementPlus required)
  12. Netherite armor – Wear a full set of Netherite Armor
  13. Spooky Scary Skeleton – Obtain a Wither Skeleton’s head and then hold it
  14. Into Fire – Get your hands on a Blaze rod
  15. Not Quite “Nine” Lives – (Unobtainable for now)
  16. Hot Tourist Destinations – Explore all (5) Nether Biomes
  17. Withering Heights – Summon the Wither
  18. Local Brewery – Get your hands on a potion bottle
  19. Bring Home the Beacon – Construct and place a beacon
  20. A Furious Cocktail – Have every potion effect applied at the same time
  21. Beaconator – (Unobtainable for now)
  22. How Did We Get Here? – Have every effect applied at the same time

The End


The End – enter The End dimension:

  1. Free the End – Good luck (Kill the Ender Dragon)
  2. The Next Generation – Hold the Dragon Egg
  3. Remote Getaway – (Unobtainable for now)
  4. The End… Again… – Respawn the Ender Dragon (Have someone who has unlocked the “Free the End” advancement with you before, and then summon the Ender Dragon using End Crystals)
  5. You Need a Mint – Collect dragon’s breath in a glass bottle and then hold it
  6. The City at the End of the Game – (Unobtainable for now)
  7. Sky’s the Limit – Find and wear a pair of Elytra wings
  8. Great View From Up Here – Levitate 50 blocks up from attacks of Shulker (Move a distance of 50 blocks in the Y-axis with the Levitation effect applied)
Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)



Adventure – adventure, exploration, and combat of the game:

  1. Voluntary Exile – Kill a raid captain.
  2. Monster Hunter – Kill any hostile monster (Kill any vanilla entity with a ‘monster’ family)
  3. What a Deal! – (Unobtainable for now)
  4. Sticky Situation – Jump into a Honey Block to break your fall (Collide on a horizontal side of a honey block when in air)
  5. Ol’ Betsy – Shoot a Crossbow
  6. Sweet Dreams – Sleep in a bed to change your respawn point
  7. Hero of the Village – Successfully defend a Village from a raid
  8. A Throwaway Joke – Throw a trident at something
  9. Take Aim – Shoot something with an arrow using your bow
  10. Monsters Hunted – Kill one of every hostile monster
  11. Postmortal – Use a Totem of Undying to cheat death (Activate a totem of undying by taking fatal damage)
  12. Hired Help – Summon an Iron Golem
  13. Two Birds, One Arrow – Kill Phantoms with a piercing arrow (Use a crossbow enchanted with Piercing to kill two phantoms at once)
  14. Who’s the Pillager Now? – Give a Pillager a taste of their own medicine (Kill a pillager with a crossbow)
  15. Arbalistic – Kill five unique mobs with one crossbow shot
  16. Adventuring Time – Discover every biome in the overworld
  17. Very Very Frightening – Strike a Villager with lightning (Hit a villager with lightning created by a trident with the Channeling enchantment)
  18. Sniper Duel – Kill a Skeleton from at least 50 meters away (Kill a skeleton with a projectile while being at least 50 blocks away horizontally)
  19. Bullseye – (Unobtainable for now)
  20. Light as a Rabbit – Walk on powder snow… without sinking
  21. Surge Protector – (Unobtainable for now)
  22. Is It A Bird? – look at the parrot through the spyglass
  23. Is It A Balloon? – look at the ghast through the spyglass
  24. Is It A Plane? – look at the ender dragon through the spyglass



Husbandry – the world is full of friends and food:

  1. Bee Our Guest – Get your hands on a honey bottle
  2. The Parrots and the Bats – (Unobtainable for now)
  3. Best Friends Forever – Tame an animal
  4. Fishy Bussiness – Cast a fishing rod
  5. Total Beelocation – Have a bee nest in your hand
  6. A Seedy Place – Plant a seed, and watch it grow
  7. Two by Two – (Unobtainable for now)
  8. A Complete Catalouge – Tame all cat variants!
  9. Tactical Fishing – Catch a fish… without a fishing rod! (Have a bucket of fish in your hand)
  10. A Balanced Diet – Eat everything that is edible, even if it’s not good for you (Eat every vanilla food in-game, the cake is not yet counted)
  11. Serious Dedication – Use a Netherite ingot to upgrade a hoe, and then reevaluate your life choices (Have a netherite hoe in your hand)
  12. Wax On – (Unobtainable for now)
  13. Wax Off – (Unobtainable for now)
  14. The Cutest Predator – catch an axolotl in a bucket
  15. The Healing Power of Friendship – help the axolotl win a fight
  16. Glow and Behold! – (Unobtainable for now)
  17. Whatever Floats Your Goat! – float in a boat with a goat


This add-on also supports legacy Java achievements – back when before it was replaced with advancements:


The achievement system before consisted of only one tree – featuring 33 achievements in total:

  1. Getting Wood – Attack a tree until a block of wood pops out
  2. Benchmarking – Craft a workbench with four blocks of planks
  3. Time to Mine! – Use planks and sticks to make a pickaxe
  4. Hot Topic – Construct a furnace out of eight cobblestone blocks
  5. Acquire Hardware – Smelt an iron ingot
  6. Time to Farm! – Use planks and sticks to make a hoe
  7. Bake Bread – Turn wheat into bread
  8. The Lie – Bake cake using wheat, sugar, milk, and eggs!
  9. Getting an Upgrade – Construct a better pickaxe
  10. Delicious Fish – Catch and cook a fish!
  11. On A Rail – Travel by minecart at least 1 km from where you started
  12. Time to Strike! – Use planks and sticks to make a sword
  13. Monster Hunter – Attack and destroy a monster
  14. Cow Tipper – Harvest some leather
  15. When Pigs Fly – Fly a pig off a cliff
  16. Sniper Duel – Kill a skeleton with an arrow from more than 50 meters
  17. DIAMONDS! – Acquire diamonds with your iron tools
  18. We Need to Go Deeper – Build a portal to the Nether
  19. Return to Sender – Destroy a Ghast with a fireball
  20. Into Fire – Relieve a Blaze of its rod
  21. Local Brewery – Brew a potion
  22. The End? – Locate the End
  23. The End. – Defeat the Ender Dragon
  24. Enchanter – (Unobtainable for now)
  25. Overkill – (Unobtainable for now)
  26. Librarian – Build some bookshelves to improve your enchantment table
  27. Adventuring Time – Discover all biomes
  28. The Beginning? – Spawn the Wither
  29. The Beginning. – Kill the Wither
  30. Beaconator – Create a full beacon
  31. Repopulation – (Unobtainable for now)
  32. Diamonds to you! – Throw diamonds at another player
  33. Overpowered – Eat the Notch apple

“How to Play” Section

Visit the “how to play” section when you’re feeling a little lost. It contains every achievements and advancements you can unlock, and learn more about what the add-on has to offer!



Check Progress

You can use the /function check command to check your completed, or advancement(s) in progress. A custom UI may be implemented soon, in the meantime, you may use the following commands:

  • /function check/progress – checks only current advancement in progress
  • /function check/all – checks which advancements have been completed too

Granting & Revoking Advancements

You can grant, and revoke advancements specifically, everything or per section:

Usage: use the /function command followed by a path…

  • advancement/grant/(advancement_section)/(advancement_name)
  • advancement/revoke/(advancement_section)/(advancement_name)
  • advancement/revoke/(advancement_section)/all
  • advancement/revoke/all

To manage the advancement of another player, you’d have to use the /execute command and execute the function from them.

Giving & Taking Achievements

You can also give and take achievements:

Usage: use the /function command followed by a path…

  • achievement/give/(achievement_name)
  • achievement/take/(achievement_name)
  • achievement/take/all

To manage the achievement of another player, you’d have to use the /execute command and execute the function from them.

Pre-requisites & Custom Pop-Ups

UI Changes

For content creators and map makers:

This add-on changes how existing UI’s display, and it is not recommended to use this add-on with other packs or some existing maps:

  • title: advancement header
  • subtitle: advancement name
  • actionbar: icon texture path

Yes, you can also make your own advancement. Please check the functions folder, from there you’ll see a text. Refer to that as the documentation. 

‘Experiments’ Required

You need to enable the following ‘experiments’ in order for this add-on to work:


Advanced Item Detection

This add-on can detect items in your inventory, so you no longer need to hold the items just to unlock a said achievement/advancement. This detection system best works in single player, but it does work in multiplayer.

Localization Support


This add-on has localization support. If you’d like to contribute and translate the add-on into your native language (when available), please contact me here.


Check the ‘information’ panel in the ‘how to play’ section in-game for the list of people who contributed into the add-on!

  • Español (España) : IvanMaster
  • 日本語 (日本) : 4384 Illusioner
  • 한국어 (대한민국) : Ha Ru, Baechu
  • Português (Brasil) : PedroESP_01, DanyCraftBR
  • Русский (Россия) : Egor YTShou
  • 简体中文 : 玻璃杯, 戀 Koi, TexTrue
  • 繁體中文 : 玻璃杯, 戀 Koi
  • Polski (PL) : Kubil 333
  • Türkçe (Türkiye) : Marcos
  • Bahasa Indonesia : AegisFlare37
  • Added new translations.
  • Fixed some bugs, and slightly optimized the add-on.
  • Post description additions.


Supported Versions

Due to how the add-on is coded to natively support 1.17, AdvancementPack version 3.0 may no longer work on 1.16. If you don’t want to miss the new features, please consider updating your game! 1.17 beta versions have not yet tested, and version change could affect UI icons and such.

Multiplayer Support

This add-on works just fine in multiplayer. However things such as being able to detect items without holding it may greatly be affected due to how the add-on is coded and technical limitations.

Realms: make sure you create a world first with the add-on correctly applied and have the ‘experiments’ enabled, then you can upload that world so it can be played on realms.

Aternos servers: upon testing, Aternos cannot properly parseUI changes from the resource pack. As such, unlocking advancements/achievements may show up as normal titles and subtitles. However, you can keep trying and it may work properly.

Content Usage

You must not re-upload the add-on, or distribute it as you wish. You are free to use the code inside the pack for ‘education purposes’.

Logged in users: you can download the add-on through the button below the usual download links. It’s slow but an alternative way of downloading the add-on should the links become broken.

Some addons Minecraft PE you can check in


Download AdvancementPack

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

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