GBs Addon for Minecraft (v4.0)

Let’s try to add GBs addon into your Minecraft game and see many cool things such as strong unique items and some fantasy mobs. These mobs can bring to your world medieval or fantasy style. Even craft some weapons and even meet new hostile and friendly mobs on your journey!

Cre: Gunner bossGR, Youtube, Twitter

GBs Addon Features

Many things can be found on creative mode, you can also use command chat to get them, ex: /give @p gb:[item name]  or craft their base on the recipe!


Battleaxe – Redstone Axe – Titanium Sword

  • Battleaxe: it has 11 damage and good durability
  • Redstone Axe: 6 damage, it has sightly higher durability than Gold Sword
  • Titanium Sword: deals 10 Damage, sightly lower durability than 2 things above

Diamond Katana – Diamond Scythe

  • Diamond Katana: 11 damage
  • Diamond Scythe: 12 damage

Entity Sword – Dagger – Hammer

  • Entity Sword: 12 damage
  • Dagger: 5 damage
  • Hammer: 11 damage

Redstone Sword (5 Damage) – Coal Sword (6 Damage)

Coal Axe – Pike: 6 Damage

Stick Sword (3 Damage) – Sapphire Sword (6 Damage)

Shark Sword: same damage as a diamond sword but lower durability

Jungle Pike (6 Damage) – Ender Sword (10 Damage)

Ender Axe (9 Damage) – Ender Pike (7 Damage)

Iron Claw: 5 Damage

Download GB’s AddOn

Pumpkin – GBs Addon

Slasher: damage 9
Destroyer: damage 11
Sword: damage 7
Axe: damage 9

Red and Blue Candy Cane have 5 damage

Red and Blue Festive Katana have 7 damage

Festive Sword

Old Unique (8 damage) – Short Sword (Damage: 6)

Hero’s Sword has 15 damage, used by a hero for its journey.

Royal Sword – Leviathan

  • Royal Sword has 18 damage, it’s used by Royal warriors to fight against the Minecraft monsters.
  • Leviathan with 20 damage, there is an ancient, powerful sword and got lost for centuries!!

Fiery Blade – Raizen

  • Fiery Blade has 14 damage, there is an ancident blade. it was made by an mysterious fiery job.
  • Raizen has 15 damage, that is a thunderous katana which was made by a mysterious Razor Orb.

Nature Sword – Wooden Practice Sword

  • Nature Sword has 16 damage, made by a mysterious nature orb
  • Wooden Practice Sword has 2 damage, a sword made out of wood to practice for a battle!

Destiny Sword – Khopesh

  • Destiny Sword has 25 damage, one of an magic sword.
  • Khopesh has 16 damage, this is an ancient Egypt sword, someone at desert use it.

Minecraft Furniture Mod

How to make weapons in GBs Addon

Recipe craft:

Jungle Pike – Sapphire Sword – Hammer – Titanium Sword

Note: the titanium sword can be crafted the same as an iron sword but with titanium.

Entity Sword – Coal Sword – Coal Axe – Redstone Sword

Redstone Axe – Pike – Diamond Katana – Diamond Scythe

Stick Sword – Dagger – Shark Sword – Iron Claw

Ender Sword – Ender Axe – Ender Pike

Pumpkin: Slasher – Destroyer – Sword – Axe

Red and Blue Candy Cane

Red and Blue Festive Katana

Festive Sword

GBs Addon

Old Unique

GBs Addon

Sword: Hero’s – Royal  – Short – Leviathan

Sword Fiery – Raizen – Nature – Destiny 

Sword Nature – Destiny – Wooden Practice – Iron Stick 

Mobs – GBs Addon

Ghost: it has a custom sound, can attack any player and villager. You can find them in the forest.

Scarecrow: attack any bat and phantoms if they come near it, you can find it in the villages.

Stone Monster: attract paler and villager, spawn at forest

Valkyrie is a bit rare to find, but sometimes she will wondering around, can attack any hostile mob

Mummy [Male & Female] can be found in the desert, not burning in sun and hostile towards players and villagers.

Revenger [Illager]: a new recruit of the villagers that can be found anywhere

Ground Skeleton is just bootable objects, can be found anywhere

Dryad is a tree girl and live in the forest, a friendly mob, and can be seen around taiga and forest

Drowned Skeleton: it holds a shark sword to attack players

Sharks can be found in the oceans, If you dive deep you can find one, has a chance to drop their teeth

Zombie Berseker GBs Addon: a new zombie, very aggressive and runs a little fast than the normal one. Can burn on daylight

Hunters/Assassins (Friendly) – Archers (Friendly)

Nether Walker GBs Addon

A monster in GBs Addon that can be found in the nether, are hostile towards players

Carnivore Plant: A dangerous plant!! You can see them in the forest sometimes, they are very dangerous on players and any other mobs (except monsters)

Harpy: they are hostile monsters towards players and villagers, the Lightning Harpy(Cyan color) is a boss-type

Jungle People & Bandits: they are traders, jungle people, and bandits, appear in the jungle only

Jungle Zombie: a new zombie which appears in jungles, can not burn in the sunlight

Ender Girl in GBs Addon : this is a passive monster, she will not attack players unless they do.

Ender Zombie: a corrupted by the Ender Dragon, the abilities more than other zombies. It doesn’t make the sound, get hurt with water and not with sunlight

Ender Trader: a friendly trader which might appear somewhere in the world, if you find it trade with it to see if it has useful items!

Ender Archer – Ender Monster

Headless Horseman – Werewolves

Herobrine Statue – Friendly Witch

Anh much more mobs in GBs Addon

FOODs & RECIPEs – GBs Addon

Some cook can be cooked in a furnace or campfire or smoker

Cookie man (Gingerbread Man) – Flour

Creeper Cookie Man (Gingerbread Creeper) – White Chocolate

Brown Chocolate – Meat Sandwich

Sandwich (salami drops from pigs) – Cheese – Pizza (Must be cooked in a furnace) 

How to make Omellete


You can find the Sapphire and titanium ores around the Minecraft world, you can also craft them like diamond block, iron block, etc

Check other AddOns Minecraft in, your Minecraft game maybe stop being boring: 


– Added new mobs: Red dragon knights and deathper
– Fixed the minotaur legs to look a little better and his axe texture
– Removed Herobrine


mcpeaddons download

Downlaod GBs AddOn (V4) or here (gg drive)

Minecraft Furniture Mod

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