Lulucraft Texture Pack (V0.3.3)

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Lulucraft Texture Pack is still in progress stuff and can change in the future. It is for people who like a simple and childish art style. There are many people wanted this texture pack in public, so if you are interested let try to download to play and hope you will like it

Cre: TheluckyguyNL, Youtube, Twitter

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Thank you these guys who helps me in this pack:

Crystal wolfe™
Nightdesert326 (boneblock)

Lulucraft Texture Pack

Lulucraft Texture Pack have 5 modes:

  • Default
  • PVP
  • Lulu, it just some stuff with my face/friends things
  • Survival help, there have crops done indicator and outlined ores
  • HD texture


– Fixed chest model when you hold it
– Added
+ Armor stand model texture
+ Light blocks texture item
+ Seagrass texture
– Clouds got a corner marker
– Updated crafting table


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Lulucraft Texture Pack

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