Fury 16x – PvP Pack (Bedrock/Java)

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— Fury PvP 16x— Fury 16x is a PvP-focused texture pack with a red, black, and gold color scheme. However, it also includes textures for minigames like Bedwars, with custom bed textures, fireballs, wool blocks, gold/iron ingots, etc. treasure battles (Emeralds, Diamonds, Chainmail Armor, Snowballs, etc.) Eggwars (Custom Egg Texture, Steak, Golden Apple, Potions, etc.) A CUSTOM SKY, Ores with AND without Outlines, Custom Sounds, a Special Inventory & Button UI, PvP focused Buttons, and SO MUCH MORE are additional highlights.

Cre: Chr7st (Youtube, Twitter)

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Fury 16x – PvP Pack

If want to read you can always watch a showcase/montage of the pack!

This PvP Pack includes a wide variety of textures that all work together to create on of the best packs you will ever use.?nbsp;

Where else to start but the BREATHTAKING Menu Screen:

Fury 16x

Moving on to the in-Game textures, The Beautiful Sword:

Fury 16x

A better look at the HUD with Cute Gapples and triangular Hearts!

Fury 16x


Tool- Fury 16x

Miscellaneous PvP items:

Fury 16x

Healthy, (or lethal!) Potion Particles:

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Fury 16x

Some Texture Minecraft PE you can check in Mcpeaddons.com:

PERFECT PvP Particles:

Mystic Armor:

Fury 16x

Ores, Stone and Cobblestone, (there is also an option for the ores to be outlined!)

Fury 16x

Nature Blocks:

Fury 16x

Every wood block, plank, and dirt block is changed.
Chest UI:

Fury 16x

(you can also see the enchanting table and furnace in the back 😉
You probably saw this in the Menu Screen, A Custom Sky!

Fury 16x

Food Items:

Fury 16x

Wool Texture and, yes, CUSTOM BEDS!

Fury 16x

Like what you see? Want to have your game look like this?
Download Fury 16x Now!

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Fury 16x

Download Fury 16x – PvP Pack (Mediafire)

Download Fury 16x – PvP Pack (Backup download Link)


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4 months ago

Could you make it show armor in the side?

19 days ago


Shaders for MCPE

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