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Do the furnishings or widgets available in Minecraft fail to meet your requirements for a comfortable and modern apartment? You need items like TVs, computers, ovens, etc., try downloading Furniture Addon.

Creator: LancelotF

And they’re not just for decoration, you can even use it!


Some of the furniture actually works. For example, the chopping board can chop at the moment bread, the blender make a milkshake and the toaster toast bread. 

In this latest update, I added a grill and a gaming chair, but also added animations to make it look more realistic.


In order to play music, first you have to place speakers (Put as many as you want, but be careful and protect your ears). You just place an audio player, and you will be able to hear the music. Then, to play the next song, tap and hold the music player button, and if you want to play the previous one, do the same but sneak while pressing the button

NOTE: To stop playing music, you should run the next command: “/stopsound @a” 


To use coffee maker, take cocoa beans and load it by just holding or right clicking on it. Then take a mug and interact with the coffee. 

To make the mug, use a glass block.


  • Download behavior and resource pack. 
  • Apply to the game
  • Enable Experimental Gameplay. 

Install sound packs:

  • Download the sound pack here
  • Install them 
  • Apply to the game
  • Place an audio amplifier and 1 or 2 speakers
  • Press the button
  • Enjoy!

DOWNLOAD Furniture Addon

Download more Add-on below:

Minecraft Furniture Mod

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