Fortnite Battlecraft – V1.0 Season 1 Chapter 1 (Marvel Season)

Welcome to Fortnite Battlecraft. This add-on is based on the popular console game Fornite. Fortnite Battlecraft brings the best content that Fortnite has to offer to Minecraft.

Creator: Four Worlds Studios (Youtube)

Experimental Features will need to be activated for this add-on to work correctly.

Fortnite Battlecraft

Fortnite Battlecraft is a Fortnite-style addon. Search structures for the best loot before tracking down your enemies and killing them. Search in structures for loot that will give you the advantage.


Gas Stations

Minecraft Gun Mod

Wooden Hut

Tree Stops


More Structures will be added as the add-on grows

The Gameplay

The best way to play this add-on is with friends, although you can play by yourself.

The aim of this add-on is to find the best loot, and take down your enemy, if you are playing single-player mode, you can take down the bosses to get the best loot this season has offered.

Loot Crate

It can be found in structures, break them to see what you get.

Ammo Box

Can be found in structures, beak them to see what ammo you get

Food Box

Can be found in structures, break them to see what you can get

Findable Items


Guns come in five rarities, common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary. The higher the rarity the stronger bullet.


Submachine Gun

Assault Rifle


Food can be found in Food Boxes and will give you can a little hunger to get you through whatever challenge you are facing.


Slurp Cars can be found in Loot Boxes, they will give you a regeneration boost to help you in a battle

– Slurp Bar: Regeneration 10 seconds

– Large Slurp Bar: Regeneration 40 seconds


Walls are a great way of gaining some protection when out in the open. Walls will protect you from the enemy fire but be warned the Wood Wall doesn’t have a lot of HP, so they will not last very long.

Placing a Wall between you and an enemy could be the difference between winning or losing a battle

Fortnite Battlecraft


Bosses will spawn in their own Biomes (in later updates they will have their own structures)

If you manage to defeat a Boss they will have a chance to drop a piece of armor or their weapon.

Iron Man

  • Health: 500 HP
  • Spawn: Desert
  • Drop: (same durability and netherite)
    • Iron Man Helmet
    • Iron Man Chestplate
    • Iron Man Leggings
    • Iron Man Boots

The Iron Man boots are a little rarer than the rest and will give you the jump boost, and slow falling ability as long as you are wearing them.

Iron Man Blaster

  • Shoot plasma
  • Damage: 24 damage/shot
  • Take 3 seconds to charge between shots and hold enough charge for 100 shots

Iron Man Blaster Power Cell

It will reload your Blaster when it is empty

  • Health: 300 HP
  • Spawn: Swamp
  • Drop: (Same durability and chain)
    • Deadpool Helmet
    • Deadpool Chestplate
    • Deadpool Leggings
    • Deadpool Boots

The Deadpool Helmet is a little rarer than the rest and will give you the Regeneration ability as long as you are wearing them

Deadpool Katana

  • Same durability as Netherite Sword
  • Damage: 16
  • Health: 300
  • Spawn: Plains
  • Drop: (Same Durability and chain)
    • Spider-Man
    • Spider-man chestplate
    • Spider-man Leggings
    • Spider-man Boots

The Spider-man chestplate is a little rarer than other, and give you the Strength ability as long as you’re wearing them.

Spider-Man Web Shooter

  • Can get you from one place to another faster than walking
  • Shoot web and will swing a short distance
  • Damage: 12
  • Give the victim a slowness effect for a few seconds
  • 100 shots before refill

Spider-man Web Fluid

Use this to refill your Web Shooter

  • Health: 300
  • Spawn: Forest
  • Drop: (Same durability and chain)
    • Wolverine
    • Wolverine Chestplate
    • Wolverine Leggings
    • Wolverine Boots

The Wolverine Chestplate is a little rarer than, and will give you Strength, Speed, and Regeneration ability as long as you’re wearing it

Wolverine Claws


  • The Battle Stop has been removed
  • The Wraps for guns have been removed
  • The Jump Pad has been removed
  • S1897 has been removed, a new shot fun will take its place in the future
  • BOT’s have been removed, there will be a Boss System
  • The Medival items have been removed
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