75 Ways To Die Map Puzzle [Minigame]

75 different times to die on this map! Is this the map you are looking for? With 75 ways to die, you have to prepare yourself to die in many ways, it isn’t as easy as you might think. So let download and try it first!!

Cre: Scerri, Youtube, IG

75 Ways To Die

Dying in Minecraft is not something you should strive for, but in this map, die is the only way to help you process in the levels.

Each level is a small puzzle inside a square-shaped room. You can find your objective to kill yourself, then access the next level. Here are some of the captures in some of the puzzle maps

A fun way to play Minecraft, right?


Some changes to improve the player experience:
– All invisible blocks have been replaced with barriers
– The map fully supports version 1.16
– In level 50, the map made you start at all levels all over again if you got the wrong button. But with this update, the possibility has been given to try again to find the button
– The slight lag has been improved
75 Ways To Die

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Alan Ravelo Villalobos
Alan Ravelo Villalobos
1 year ago

says the google drive page cant be found

4 months ago

cant download.

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