Fire – Middle Nether

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The Nether is in the middle of its life cycle, with another 12 billion years before it cools. With the evolution of the nether, Fire – Middle Nether is now infecting the overworld, with the Mountains being the first to be infected. With all of the snow melted, Nether life has spreader all of the mountains.

Cre: JoeyTallarock 

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Fire – Middle Nether

The Nether has contaminated the new mountains with its bacterial illness.

Due to lore reasoning, the ice remains. It was intended to be removed at first, but nothing worked, so I opted to keep it due to the mythology that ice was too cold for the nether to infest, so it was kept there, just in case you wanted to know.

Updated Frozen Peaks

All the mobs in one photo on the mountains (preview).

The friendly mobs

 Anadeare, Scrached Goat, and Verneina

Anadeare (Anadesne wolf) 

  • Can be tamed and attack mobs just like a normal wolf

Scrached Goat (Nether Goat)

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  • Doesn’t drop it’s horn due to it not being added yet
  • Higher chance of ramming players unless in Peaceful Mode

Verneina (Green Pig)

  • Able to be used as a food farm without it being hostile
  • Can’t be roden (bug)

The basaltlings (Pitch Dark Mobs)

 Basaltling, and Splitless Basaltling

Splitless Basaltling

  • Void Without arms and eyes, a zombie
  • Almost as fast as a regular zombie.
  • I’m unable to open doors (bug)


Splitless Basaltling Effect users can summon it in a set block radius of darkness.

Splitless Basaltling is a type of basaltling that can be transformed.

Magma Covered Zombie

  • Summoned when zombies burns in lava
  • Rarely can float for three seconds
  • Summons Basaltlings if below 1/4 of its health
  • Unable to damage doors
  • Can unite with Normal Zombies

The Nether Controller (The boss of the Nether)

Nether Controller (Large Spike Golem)

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  • Doesn’t damage players but its Warriors do
  • Summon backup and gets effected with Resistance 12
  • Only summon by being waken by a block destroyed
  • Resummon Pillar when destroyed

The arena that is summoned when the button is broken

Fire - Middle Nether

While the arena’s construction has yet to be constructed, the button can be crafted.

Summoner of the Nether Controller

It’s a button that spawns naturally in The Nether Chamber (an forthcoming structure) that when destroyed summons two pillars, seven hoglins, and the Nether Controller emerging from the earth (an upcoming animation).

Only a Magma Covered Zombie with a 1/140 chance of dropping it can be crafted or obtained.

Fire Pillar

  • This is both A block and a entity to make this wowork
  • Have two versions of itself
  • One summons Basaltlings
  • The other summons Splitless Basalt kings
Fire - Middle Nether

Some addons Minecraft PE are similars Fire – Middle Nether, you can check in 

A few more mountain shots

Fire - Middle Nether

Updated Jagged Peaks

The thumbnail photo

Fire - Middle Nether

I think that still needs to be fixed

Fire - Middle Nether

It is still planned to update the entire nether, as this only affects the mountains, and vegetation will be included in the natural generation shortly. To spread vegetation, you might bone meal the nylium.

Fire – Middle Nether is based on one of the four elements: Earth, Water, Fire, and Wind, with Fire being chosen for this addon, and also being the infection of the peaks.


  • Added a few more details to better understand for newcomers
  • Added a few more details to other parts of the addon
Fire - Middle Nether

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