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If you want to dig a lot of wood and get a lot of loot from digging in Minecraft, then Excavator CAT (V2) is one of the best choices for you, add it right now!

Cre: Jose_3dmodel (Twitter)

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Excavator CAT (V2) – How to use?

Excavator CAT (V2) is very simple for you to use, just install the addon and open it in the inventory, take it out and move it anywhere, I will destroy it. 

There will be many other utilities, which the author wants to continue working to have more models to complete the package of construction vehicles, it’s not only Excavator CAT (V2).  

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  • New claw animation
  • You just need to drive the excavator to destroy the blocks


Excavator_V2(R) or here

Excavator_V2(B) or here

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