Dynamic Lighting Addon V5.4 for Minecraft

Get a new experience with the dynamic lighting addon which is like using optifine in Java. Now you can play it on Minecraft bedrock. The light of this addon is not as smooth as optifine but it is pretty cool. That is worth it for you to try to use it in your caves or any place in your world!

Cre: Amon28, Youtube, Twitter

Dynamic Lighting Addon

You can use different items that give off light to your surroundings by just holding them in your hands. The dynamic light has a fixed light level of 8

You can now explore dark caves easier if you don’t have enough torches to place

As you can see in this picture I’m holding a torch and it’s giving off light

  • Lighting items give off light when it is on the ground

Dynamic Lighting also affects mobs

You can switch this ON or OFF using the pack settings

Miner’s Helmet

A new armor that gives off light when worn

  • Durability: 100
  • Armor points: 4
  • Can be repaired using: Iron ingot


Dynamic Lighting Addon,miner helmet

Off-hand Torch

A type of torch that you can equip to your off-hand slot. This torch also acts like a normal torch and can be placed.

Dynamic Lighting Addon,miner helmet


Version 5.4:

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Magma Slimes and Slimes only spawning as small variants


  • Added Dynamic Lighting to the Warden
  • Added Dynamic Lighting to Frogs

Parkour Maps for Minecraft PE


  • Experimental Mode must be turned on
Dynamic Lighting Addon,miner helmet

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Parkour Maps for Minecraft PE

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