Dynamic Lighting Addon v2 for Minecraft

Get a new experience with the dynamic lighting addon which like using optifine in Java. Now you can play it on Minecraft bedrock. The light of this addon is not as smooth as optifine but it pretty cool. That worth it for you to try to use in your caves or any place in your world!

Cre: Amon28, Youtube, Twitter

Dynamic Lighting Addon

The dynamic light has a fixed light level of 8

Using different items that give off light to light your surroundings. You just need to hold it in your hands, that’s it.

Here you can see in the picture below, I’m holding a lantern and surround me give off light, it also work for torch

Let explore your dark caves with this addon which make your adventure become easier, special when you don’t have enough torches to place

Miner’s Helmet in Dynamic Lighting Addon is a new armor that gives off light when worn

  • Durability: 100
  • Armor points: 4

Using 5 Iron Ingots and a torch to craft miner helmet

Note: it might interfere with other add-on causing the other addon to not work or for this addon to not work


– Fixes:
+ Resource and Behavior dependencies
– Added more items:
+ Sea Pickle
+ Enchantment Table
+ Glowstone dust
+ End Rod
+ Nether Star
– Adjustments
+ Adjusted the light levels of the lights
+ Decreased the light levels of dropped items
+ Made the despawn of dynamic light blocks faster


Dynamic Lighting Addon,miner helmet


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