RGB Glowsquid Addon for Minecraft

If you are tired of normal squid in Minecraft, let come to RGB glowsquid addon where can make you feel interested with glow squid! If they just casually appear in your swimming pool and glow between many types of aquatic. That would make your world become nicer and special

Cre: Amon28, Youtube, Twitter

RGB Glowsquid Addon

This addon is for you with an entity that gives off RGB/gaming vibe in Minecraft. The idea came from Reddit: Jeb Glowsquid

Minecraft Furniture Mod

It acts like a real glowsquid but a bit different is RGB

To obtain this one of a kind glow squid grab a name tag and rename: glowsquid to jeb_

RGB Glow Squid

For none beta players, there added a mob that mimics the glowsquid

This mod is not have any drops


RGB Glowsquid Addon

Download here

👉 If you like this addon, you can also check our Screenfy Modern Furniture Pack, Urashima City v1.13

Minecraft Furniture Mod

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