Durability Viewer Resource Pack for Minecraft

Lack of information about tools and armor that make you feel frustrated by When you play Minecraft game? Now you don’t need to curious about it anymore because this addon will help you. An actual durability viewer is added and worked on all platforms!

Cre: LukasPAH, Youtube, Twitter

Durability Viewer

Nowadays, there are many problems is resolved in Minecraft. The community seems to be doing more for Minecraft Bedrock Edition than Mojang!

New in v1.1.0

Caves and Cliffs Part 1 (1.17) 

Durability Viewer resource pack is added a durability counter to the hotbar, to the armor grid, and when you click on items.

It is compatible with several popular UI resource packs and should work out-of-the-box as is intended on all devices and on both pocket and desktop UI profiles.

There are small numbers on the top left of the item which show the current durability of your tool. It will update in real time

With the armor grid and offhand slot, you can see small numbers on the top left of the item. These numbers show the durability of the tool which updating in real-time

If you click on tap on an item, there is a panel showing the item namespaced ID, the item icon, and the current durability will appear

The subpack options to show what numbers you see. Then you can use which one you prefer, but note that some of sub pack options may severely reduce your in-game FPS depending on the device you are using!

Note from creator

  • Do not re-upload the file anywhere else
  • Do not host the file anywhere else
  • Don’t provide the direct MediaFire link to anyone
  • Give proper credit
  • Severe action will be taken (including copyright strikes) will be given to people who do not follow these licensing rules
  • I have given out copyright strikes to people before, and I will not hesitate to do it again if these rules are not followed
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Durability Viewer Resource Pack (v1.17)
Download File v1.16.100 –
Download File v1.16 – 1.16.40

Download Durability Viewer

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mohammed zuhair
2 years ago

very good game

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