Epic PvP Pack V7: Bug Fixes, Over 25000 Downloads

Welcome to Epic PVP Pack which inspired by vanilla texture and modified the most popular PvP equipment such as swords, tools and armors. Additionally, modified the GUI to make PvP become more friendly

Cre: Xyurfire, Youtube

Now you can hear the sound “bruh” effect whenever and when your opponent dies. Note: it may not work on all servers!

Let see how this texture pack is modified in your Minecraft world

Epic PvP Pack

Weapons and tools


Bow indicator


Inventory GUI

Critical Hits

Crosshair (HD)

Skybox (by Hybred)

Netherite Update – Epic PvP Pack

Netherite armor and sword

Besides that, re-textured all Netherite tools and armor

V3: UI Texture Improvements &  SWORD BLOCKING

V4: New Textures


V5: Custom Cape Design and Longer Swords Subpack!

Improved Swinging Animations

V6: Ingot textures and a lot of bug fixes!

V7: More bug fixes

Credit Epic PvP Pack

Thanks to Hybred for the cool skybox (Youtube, Twitter)
Thanks to Ambient for the Custom Cape code (Youtube)
Thanks to CrisXolt for helping me with some textures (Youtube)
Thanks to Praxer24 for the inspiration on sword blocking animation (Youtube)
Thanks to Mx Fishy for the cool enchantment glint (Youtube)

Minecraft Shaders


– Removed
+ Fullbright shaders because of many issues
+ Blocking Animation, but can still be activated by checking secretsettings.txt in the pack folder
– Added custom
+ Potion particle textures
+ Panorama
+ More splash texts
– Credit for enchantment glint on the post (sorry Mx Fishy)
– Fixed
+ Selected Hotbar slot texture (off-center)
+ Title Screen
+ Typo in manifest.json
– Made all tool textures flatter and better, crosshair smaller (Thanks PatarHD)


Epic PvP Pack,texture pack

Download world
Epic PvP Pack Past version

👉 If you like this texture pack, you can also check our Durability Viewer Resource Pack, MultiPixel Texture Pack for Minecraft [32×32]

Minecraft Shaders

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