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One of the best dragon mobs for Minecraft Bedrock Edition. This addon (mod) is the official work of Dragon Mounts 3. Players can ride a dragon and fly in the sky, even tame them and make them become good assistants!

Cre: Metcha Studios (Youtube, Twitter)

Take notes: For the Release 1.4.23 version update log, please refer to: Dragon Mounts 3 Release – 1.4.23 (Bedrock Edition) – Dragon Mounts 3 Mod Update

Dragon Mounts 3

How to use

This addon uses the same as the Java Edition of the Dragon Mounts 2 (3) Mod.

For example:
– There are many different breeds of dragons in Dragon Mounts 3, each dragon needs the corresponding dragon egg hatching.
– The block dragon egg needs to right-click (touch screen operation for clicking on the screen dragon egg) to activate the dragon egg to start hatching.
– Each dragon can be cut by the player using diamond scissors to get the dragon scale. Dragon Scales can be synthesized into dragon scale equipment and so on.

Dragon Mounts 3

Where is the dragon’s nest appear?

At survival mode

  • Create a new world and active Dragon Mount 3 addon
  • Enter the world after you need to find the Dragon’s Nest which generates random on the map.
    • Aether’s nest is generated in the high air
    • Water dragons’s nest and storm dragons’s nest are generated in the ocean close to the surface of the water.
    • Moonlight dragons’ nest are generated in the ocean at a certain altitude from the surface of the sky.
    • Sunlight dragons’s nest are generated in the desert or on the beach
    • Forest dragons’s nest will be generated in the forest or jungle
    • Other dragon nests will be generated anywhere on the main world land (note that the main world only generates dragon nests will not generate dragon individuals)
Dragon Mounts 3
Dragon Mounts 3

Dragon eggs naturally will not hatch on their own. You have to right-click or touch the screen to activate their hatching. You will see some particles blink, that can be pushed or damaged.
Using command to get all dragon egg: /function give_blockegg)

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How to tame it?

Right-click or touch the screen to activate their hatching

Time to hatch: 40 minutes
To make the process of dragon egg hatch quicker, players can use Ender Eye until the block destructive particles prove to have hatched. It only takes a minute to wait quietly for the baby dragon to break out of the dragon egg


Newborn dragons naturally take four hours to fully grow into adult dragons

Dragon Mounts 3

Feed baby dragon any raw fish to increase the growth rate. If you tame it and continue to feed them then you will see an emotional state, two emotional dragons together will produce a new dragon egg

When dragons are tamed and grow into adult ones, use diamond scissors to range of random damage. It will drop 3 -14 dragon scales, dragon scales can be crafted into a set of equipment, and dragon scale equipment crafting is the same as ordinary diamond equipment crafting.

Tame and you can ride it. Install saddles, dragon armor, and chests. Then you can order it to sit or stand by sneaking.

  • Ride on the general control keys, you can ride it on land crawl;
  • Tap jump key and you can command the dragon to take off;
  • Manipulating the dragon’s flight in the sky through the direction of the perspective;
  • Holding a flame stick and pressing the jump key, you can manipulate the dragon to fire the fireball;
  • Holding the dragon’s breath, you can manipulate the dragon to spray the dragon’s breath.

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Dragon Mounts 3 Release 1.4.23 version update log, please refer to the description of the work.


Dragon Mounts 3

Mounts 3 Release 1.4.23 mcaddon or Link backup
Mounts 3 Lite Release 1.4.23
Dragon Mounts 3 Thai-Language Preview 1.4.12

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