Aveo Dragon Addon V4 for Minecraft PE

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Too many dragons are not enough! The Aveo Dragon addon will add more dragons to your game. These long-necked, long-tailed, two-legged dragons of legend are here at last

Creator: MNO (Youtube, Twitter)

Aveo Dragon Addon

Strays are the answer

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But what’s the question? The question, of course, is how do you get one of these? Each stray defeated by a player has about a one in 45 chance to drop an Aveo spawn egg.

Place that spawn egg down, and in a puff of smoke (without the smoke), you’ll have an Aveo Dragon. You need to tame it though, and you can tame it with code, beef, or cakes (you didn’t know dragons like cakes?). If you approach an untamed one too closely, it will chase you and try to eat you. Good luck with taming it!

You can heal them with tropical fish, cod, salmon, beef, or chicken

There are six variants, just different colors, with no behavioral differences. They also come in four sizes


They take the same netherite armor as the other MNO dragons. Craft them with a 2×2 pattern of netherite ingots. Place them on your dragon by holding the armor and right-clicking (or long-pressing if you’re running mobile) on the dragon.


Just hold a regular horse saddle and right-click (or long-press if you are running mobile) on the dragon

To remove either just hold a blaze rod, and right-click/long-press on the dragon


  • Dragon animations greatly improved
  • Dragon spawn egg drop chance increased (slightly)
Aveo Dragon Addon,Aveo Dragon

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