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With natural structures, with good understanding and optimization, Natural Structure addon will bring the best experience to you. This add-on focuses on making very simple natural structures of all kinds, and any cell phone can run it.

Creator: Manu GG


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Abandoned Portal:

It's a structure that has a 15% probability of being found, you can find it in the following biomes:

  • Taiga
  • River
  • Mega
  • Jungle
  • Rofest
  • Swamp
  • Plain
  • Mountain with snow

Ruins of Sea Water:

It's a structure that has a 40% probability of being found. You can find it in:

  • All biomes that contain a large amounts of water

House of Sacrifice in the Desert:

  • Chance of being found: 20%
  • Contain 2 chests
  • Can be found in:
    • Desert mutated
    • Desert hills
    • Desert

Abandoned Ruins on the Plains

  • Chance of being found: 38%
  • Can be found in:
    • Plains
    • Sunflower plains

Refuge in the Desert:

  • 20% probability of appearing
  • can be found in:
    • Savanna mutated
    • Savanna
    • Savanna planteau

Camp in the Dark Forest:

  • 25% probability of appearing
  • Can be found in biomes:
    • Roofed forest
    • Roofed forest mutated
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  • Chance of appearing: 50%
  • Can be found in biomes:
    • Forest
    • Jungle
    • River
    • Mountain
    • Taiga
    • Beach
    • Roofed forest
    • Swamp

Mini Ice Dungeon:

  • Chance of appearing: 5%
  • Can be found in the biomes:
    • Deep frozen ocean
    • Legacy frozen ocean

Invocation of the Nether:

  • Chance of appearing: 60%, which 50% will be floating
  • Can be found in the following biomes:
    • Soul sand Valley

Peaceful Tower of the Blazes:

  • Probability of 30% to be found
  • Can be found in:
    • All the Nether

Other structures:

Spider Boss: When installing the addon, there will be generated an entity called “Spider Boss”. This is a beta entity and is proposed for version 1 of the addon.



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