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Craftable Structures Remastered is an add-on that is made for those who want to craft Ruined Portal, Pillager Outpost, and a Temple. Let’s explore

Creator: Amber Mods

Craftable Structures Remastered

This add-on includes:

  • Pillager Outpost
  • Temple
  • Ruined Portal

Pillager Outpost

  • Craft: 7 planks + 1 chest + 1 bow
  • Recipe: Shapeless
  • Structure has normal pillager loot (loot changes everytime you spawn a new structure in)

Ruined Portal

  • Craft: 8 Obsidian + 1 Chest
  • Recipe: Shapeless
  • Structure has normal Ruined portal


  • Craft: 3 Oak planks + 3 sands + 1 Chest + 3 TNT
  • Recipe: Shapeless
  • Structure has normal temple loot


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