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Chocobos addon is a giant bird similar to a chicken or an ostrich. It is developed base on a fictional animal in the Final Fantasy game series with 7 different colors. You can tame and ride Chocobos, it is very fast and unaffected by fall damage

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Characteristic Chocobos Addon

Chocobos replace Pig and can be found in most biomes. To tame a Chocobos, you need to feed it some Gysahl. This food item replaces Carrots

It is a friendly creature and quite similar to horses. They will never attack anyone and that includes hostile mobs.

How does Chocobos work?

You can use Chocobos for riding. If you need to get away quickly, Chocobos is a good choice because it’s very fast.

  • iOS / Android: Long press on the animal with a saddle. Then long press it again to ride it.
  • Windows 10: Right-click on the animal with a saddle. Then right-click it again to ride it.

Don’t forget it is unaffected by fall damage and can jump higher than a horse.

Chocobos Armor replaces the Chain Armor, its only difference is texture design

If your chocobo is hurt, you just feed it some Gysahl to heal

When you put 2 Chocobos in the same place together and give them some Gysahl. Then they will start breeding

General Information

  • Friendly
  • No fall damage
    • Wild
      • Tameable with Gysahl
      • Baby: 3.5 health and drop some experience points
      • Adult: 12.5 health and Drops: 0-1 raw chocobo – 0-4 feathers
    • Tamed
      • Rideable, place saddle then ride it, control with an iron sword
      • Baby: 5 health and drops some experience points
      • Adult: 15 health and drops:
        • Non-saddled chocobo: 0-1 raw chocobo; 0-4 chocobo feathers
        • Saddle chocobo: 0-1 raw chocobo; 0-4 chocobo feathers; 1 saddle
Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)


Added Gysahl: can only be tamed / bred
Added Golden Gysahl and Gysahl crops
Chocobos can be healed with Gysahl
Rideable similar to horses
Faster and jumps very high
27 slots in storage (when saddled)
Add New sounds; UUIDs; custom item names


Chocobos Addon (B) .McPack

Chocobos Addon (R) . McPack

  1. Black .McPack
  2. Blue .McPack
  3. Green .McPack
  4. Pink .McPack
  5. Red .McPack
  6. White .McPack
  7. Yellow .McPack

Chocobos Addon. Zip

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