More Zombies Add-on for Minecraft Pe

More Zombies Add-on added 12 zombies in the Minecraft game. They have different behavior than normal zombies. It also makes the Zombie Horse naturally spawn around the world at night.

Cre: Ayrtown_Karlos, Twitter


Hostile zombies: Spawn in the night
Neutral zombies (lady & zomboy): Spawn on the day
Boss: When lightning strikes a hostile zombie, Boss appears instead.

You can spawn zombie by using egg spawn in creative mode

12 Zombies

Two in 12 Zombies are neutral which will only attack to defend themselves

  1. Zomboy
  2. Zombie Lady

10 other zombie will attack the player:

  1. Zombie Archer:
    – Uses a bow
    – Attacks the player
  2. Zombie Teleport:
    – Attack with poison
    – Can teleport
  3. Zombie Evocator
    – Attacks with blindness
    – Can tame wolves and make them red and angry
    – Invokes small zombies and zombies teleport
    – Only uses melee attack with effects
  4. Invisible Zombie: It becomes invisible at the moment of battle, returns to normal after winning the battle or after a while if it is not killed
  5. Explosive zombie:
    – Transform nearby Creepers in the charged state
    – Two types of attack: can explode or use melee attack
  6. Crescent Zombie: he gets twice as big once he gets close to the target, back to normal after eliminating the target
  7. Colorful Zombie
    – After seeing a target, it will begin to change color. Each color equivalent to different attack effects.
    – Returns to normal if the target is killed or able to escape
  8. Zombie Boss: 300 HP, HP Bar
    – Throwing the head of the zombie boss to attack from a distance
    – Summon baby zombie with bow and baby zombie with a blind attack
    – Appears when a hostile zombie from the add-on is struck with lightning
  9. Fire zombie
    – He leaves a trail of fire when he finds a victim
    – Body attack using poison
  10. Zombie Warlock: Attacks with portions like a witch


  • Fixed zombie crescent baby burn in daylight
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Downloads More Zombies Add-on

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[…] More Zombies Add-on […]


[…] More Zombies Add-on […]

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