Plant VS Zombie Addon for Minecraft Pe

This addon has added 5 different creatures with very detailed model. It is developed base on the popular tower in Plant vs. Zombies game. There have some of the new mobs with new abilities (such as fire peas at zombies) in this addon

Cre: RexiarTwitter

How to spawn mobs?


Jack-In-The-Box (Shulker): this is the main mob block that you need to find or spawn any of the Plant VS Zombie mobs.

There is 30% cow that will be turned into a Jack-In-The-Box when it spawned in the Overworld.

You can find them in the End since Shulker has been replaced by them. Use a dye to transform it into any of the Plant VS Zombie mobs.

Snow Pea

It replace Light Blue Dye and can shoot frozen peas at zombies

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It replace Lime Dye and can shoot peas at zombies

Wallnut (Ink Sac)

This is a big nut with no special abilities


It replaces Pink Dye and can shoot spores at zombies

Potatomine (Cocoa Beans)

It works similarly to a landmine and will explode if a zombie (or a husk) gets too close

Other Plants

The Fire Pea (Red Dye): Shoots fire peas
Repeater (Green Dye): Shoots two peas at a time
Explode-O-Nut (Orange Dye)


Add 3 new plants:

  • The Fire Pea
  • Repeater
  • Explode-O-Nut

Downloads Plant VS Zombie Addon

Plant VS Zombie Addon (B) .McPack

Plant VS Zombie Addon (R) .McPack

Plant VS Zombie Addon .ZIP

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