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Tropical Oasis Island is a custom terrain map. Tropical Oasis is a 2040 x 2048 world size with custom trees, massive realistic landscapes, such as huge mountain ranges, deep valleys, dense jungles, a volcano and more!

This map is perfect for survival, creative building, and Jurassic park mods.

Creator: Elegance


2D View of Map:

A few extra things:

  • Topical Oasis Island has also never been loaded in creative which means you can earn achievements
  • Water level is default 62 but some areas and valleys go much lower to make the mountains bigger
  • Gravel doesn’t spawn on diamond level.
  • The world is surrounded by endless ocean so you have to survive on the island


If you want to experience more custom terrain map in Minecraft, you can download below:

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

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