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With Brad’s Mobs, you can meet a few new faces out in the world! The horrible meatball, the nefarious Bug Eyed Monster, and the ferocious Imp are on the prowl. Enjoy the companionship of the lobster, the weird little Eyebat, and a variety of dragonfly and butterfly species for calm creatures!

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Brad’s Mobs Feature


Brad’s Mobs adds the following to the current version of Bedrock:

Meatball is a type of meatball. This massive, dripping floating blob will unleash a barrage of exploding plasma mortars. It has five times the health of a typical mob and five times the experience reward. Meatball spawns infrequently around the overworld and drops leather, bones, and rotten flesh.

The Bug-Eyed Monster is a monster with a bug’s eye. This jerk will charge you with a soaring melee assault and leave you vulnerable for a few seconds. When hit with a melee attack or a projectile, the B.E.M. will be knocked out of the air for a brief moment, so if you’re being swarmed, keep them grounded by batting them around aimlessly. They presently drop feathers, however in a future update, they will receive more intriguing drops.

The Imperium A reskin of the Bug Eyed Monster, a rare patroller of the underworld. This individual, rather of producing weakness, simply hits harder than his relative. There have been no drops yet. In the same way that striking them repeatedly will discourage them from chasing you down, so does the B.E.M.

Lobster is a delicacy. On the ocean floor, this little creature spawns and drops a chunk of lobster meat. It might be worth dusting off your trident and going on a lobster hunt, given that this meat is even more healthy and satiating when prepared than cooked beef.

The Dragonfly and the Butterfly are two different species of insects. Cute tiny bugs that spawn on a regular basis across the overworld. It’s only decorative, but it’s lovely to look at! Little common white butterflies, beautiful Morpho butterflies, green and blue Darner dragonflies, and other dragonflies and butterflies have different variations based on the environment in which they spawn.

The Eyebat is a creature that lives in a cave. This tiny fellow… Oh, my goodness. My endeavor to dethrone the strider as the cutest nether mob was a resounding success. Actually, I got 5 out of 5! Depending on the nether biome it develops in, this flying cyclopean furball spawns in one of five different hues. You could kill it for the feathers and eyebat meat, but why would you do such a thing, man? They just do one thing: fly around and make funny noises. What exactly did they do to you?

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NOTE: For shiggles, I kept a development item called the Phlogiston. This item was used in creative to test the meatball’s projectiles, thus you can now blast green exploding blobs all over the place.

Screenshots for Brad’s Mobs:

Some others Addons Minecraft PE are sinmilar to Brad’s Mobs you can check in Mcpe addons ‘s site


Doubleclick the mcaddon to have Bedrock install it for you.

If I didn’t compile it correctly, download the zip and put the “BP” folder in your behavior pack folder and the “RP” in the resource pack folder, respectively.

Brad's Mobs

Download Brad’s Mobs (File Drive)

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