Ways to Die Puzzle [Minigame]

Find the ways to die in this puzzle map to pass the levels. It sounds pretty easy but it will not as easy as you think!! You have to find different ways to die and pass all the levels. Download the map now!! Cre: Pixell Studio, Youtube, Twitter There have 11 different levels on this … Read more

Boom Battle Heroes 12.8 [Minigame]

Boom battle heroes 12.8 fixed updated with 26 minigames. It’s a huge design that you will see some of the popular mini-games from popular servers such as Bedwar, TNT run, Death run, Block Party, and much more!! Cre: herotorxp, Youtube, Facebook 26 Minigames in Boom Battle Heroes 1. Bedwar Game with a twist 2. Block … Read more

Troll Quest 2 Puzzle Map

To continuation the first troll map, this map now has the most trolls that my record was 8 trolls in 7minutes! Hope you luck and get trolled in Troll quest 2 puzzle map!! Let try to download and share your trolls. Cre: tubergamer2010, Youtube Licensed of Troll Quest 2 The licensed under Creative Commons Thanks … Read more

75 Ways To Die Map Puzzle [Minigame]

75 different times to die on this map! Is this the map you are looking for? With 75 ways to die, you have to prepare yourself to die in many ways, it isn’t as easy as you might think. So let download and try it first!! Cre: Scerri, Youtube, IG 75 Ways To Die Dying … Read more

Find the Button: Villages!!

Are you ready to join the game and find the button in the village? Your task now is to find out the button hidden in each level to continue the game. Each village will bring to you each different level, some difficult than the other Cre: Pixell Studio, Twitter, Youtube This map work on the … Read more

Beyond the Portal (Find the Button) [Puzzle]

This is a find the button map to celebrates the release off all-new 1.16 Nether Update. It includes 10 stages (the goal is 100 stages for the final update). Well, it will take a lot of work for a long time because it needs to consider carefully. All the suggestions for stages are appreciated and … Read more

The Stone Puzzles | Minecraft PE Maps

You will have to go through 10 puzzle levels to complete the map! It’ll be more and more difficult! Cre: Pixell You will love another Puzzles Map: Find the Lever Minecraft Version: 1.14.60+ Changelog Fix bugs Optimize the map and make it lighter Reduce the size of the map from 30MB to 5MB Change many … Read more

Find the Lever | Minecraft PE Maps | mcpeaddons.com

“Find the buttons” is familiar to Minecraft players, and you want to find a new way to play? In this map, instead of searching for buttons, you have to go find the lever! Search for and flick levers in traditional and unique ways in 1 giant confined level. This map’s theme is QUEST, and this … Read more

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