Pressure Forever Map [Chapter 1]

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A game with multiple features that you don’t always know what will happen next. This map now only has Pressure Forever chapter 1. There will be added separate worlds on the next chapter

Cre: arakuku

There will be a separate world and new features in each chapter

Pressure forever chapter 1

This map is a cave adventure where you get lost there and you don’t know how to find the way out!!

It includes stone caves, hard-to-beat mobs and more interesting things. It’d be pressure forever.

Chapter 2 of Pressure Forever

It will a battle extreme monsters, parkour, and objectives add with the pressure.

Chapter two coming out on 9/30/20.

Note from creator

This map is the first chapter, so it’s not as good as future chapters. We have multiple fun things to do… Please stay in touch with our discord if you have any things want to change or update for the map

Map Builders:

  • LucasA2166 – Founder,Builder,Commander
  • GrianTheGirl – Commander, Builder
  • vanish_shadow – Map Tester, Builder


– Fixed the featured image to showcase in game content


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