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Billey Mobs Add-on has added 18 brand new mobs to Minecraft. It includes sea creatures such as anglerfish and swordfish; pets such as skeleton cats, snails, and pigeons. That’s a great addon to help you make cool-looking aquariums!!!

Cre: billeyzambie (Twitter)

Billey Mobs Add-on

Let’s Mcpe Addons explore Billey mobs addons with a bunch of awesome fishes and pets.


It spawns in oceans, most commonly in deep ones

  • Health: 7 hearts
  • Damage: 5 hearts + poison for 30 seconds
  • Attacks: cod, salmon, tropical fish pizzafish and monsters, neutral to players
  • Drops: cod, salmon, bones or a new item called the Anger’s Light that does nothing
  • Has 6 variants and 1 rare golden variant (drops precious things)
  • Its light glows in the dark and looks cool underwater
  • Sugar


  • billey:swordfish
  • Health: 20 hearts
  • Damage: 6 hearts + poison for 15 seconds
  • Attacks: anglerfishes, pizzafishes, cods and monsters, neutral to players
  • Drops: 0-4 swordfish fillets and 2 of these
    • Swordfish Fin
    • Tail Swordfish
    • Swordfish Stick
    • Raw Cod
    • Raw Salmon
    • An extra swordfish fillet
  • It spawns in oceans

Mercat – Billey’s Mobs Add-on

  • billey:mercat
  • Health: 10 hearts
  • Damage: 2.5 hearts + slowness for 15 seconds
  • Attacks: cods, pizzafishes and monsters, neutral to players
  • Drops: 0-3 Picklepet Fertilizer
  • It spawns in oceans


It spawns in oceans, mostly cold oceans. Can rideable and leashable, but the player can not be controllable when tamed

  • billey:orca
  • Health: 60 hearts
  • Attack damage: 8.5 hearts
  • Attacks: every 10 minutes, it’s hungry for 1 minute and starts attacks
    • anglerfishes, pizzafishes, sharks, cods and monsters, neutral to players

Zombie Cat

You can be found Zombie Cat in Jungle nights. It burns in daylight and can be tameable with fish or strings.

  • billey:zombie_cat
  • Wild:
    • Health: 4 hearts
    • Damage: 2 hearts
    • Attacks: Cats(cats also attack zombie cats) and players(sometimes)
  • Tamed:
    • Health: 10 hearts
    • Peaceful with normal cats
    • Brings you cool cave stuff when you wake up(kinda overpowered, will fix soon)

Skeleton Cat

Skeleton Cat is similar to Zombie Cat but:

  • Tameable with Netherwart
  • Brings you random Nether items when you wake up
  • Neutral to players (sometimes an aggressive Skeleton cat spawns in its place which attacks players and normal cats)
  • Dyeable
  • billey:skeleton_cat


It can be found in plains and flower forests.

  • billey:pigeon
  • Health: 3 hearts
  • 0 fall damage
  • Poops every 10-20 minutes
  • Randomly bites the floor
  • Switches between walk and fly mode
  • Wild
    • Tameable with seeds, bread, and carrots
    • Runs away from players
  • Tamed
    • Doesn’t fly
    • Healable with seeds, bread, and carrots
  • Poop stain
    • Cleanable by hitting it
    • Drops bone meal


It spawns in coral reefs, friendly to everything except monsters

  • billey:pizzafish
  • Health: 5 hearts
  • Shearable
    • Can’t be killed by getting sheared when pizzafish is Tamed
  • Drops 2-5 pieces of pizza when it’s not eaten
  • You can put a piece of pizza back on an eaten pizzafish
  • Other fish eat it piece by piece
  • Regrow their pieces 10-30 minutes after being eaten

Great White Shark

Spawns in oceans. When White Shark is killed, it will drop cod and bones

  • billey:gwshark
  • Health: 35 hearts
  • Attack damage: 7.5 hearts
  • Damage: 6 hearts + poison for 15 seconds
  • Attacks: anglerfishes, mercats, swordfishes, pizzafishes, cods, and monsters
  • 3 personalities
    • Shy: fears players, 25% chance
    • Hostile: attacks players, 25% chance
    • Neutral: neutral to players, 50% chance


  • billey:endercat
  • Wild:
    • Health: 8
    • Damage: 2
    • Attacks: Cats(cats also attack endercats) and players(sometimes)
    • Spawns in jungle nights and in the End
    • Randomly teleports
    • Tameable with chorus fruit
  • Tamed:
    • Health: 16 hearts
    • Completely peaceful with normal cats
    • Brings you random End items when you wake up


It spawns in coral reefs. Picklepet eats most of the sea items (except sea pickles) and the player can tameable with the stuff it eats. To level it up by feeding it or by waiting

  • billey:picklepet
  • Attacks drowned and pizzafishes
  • It looks pretty cool underwater when it’s dark (Adult Picklepet don’t need to be underwater)
  • Transition to the next level using picklepet fertilizer
    • For adult picklepet, using it will make them shake and spawn an untamed baby picklepet (you can be tamed instantly using picklepet fertilizer)
  • Level 1
    • Health: 2 hearts
    • Attack damage: 0.5 hearts
    • Can survive out of water for only 15 seconds
  • Leve 2
    • Health: 4 hearts
    • Attack damage: 1.5 hearts
    • Lays a pickle every 10-20 mins
    • Can survive out of water for 10 mins
    • Drops some sea stuff
  • Level 3
    • Health: 8 hearts
    • Attack damage: 3.5 hearts
    • Can breathe both water and air
    • Lays a pickle every 5-10 mins
    • Breedable

Angel cats

There have two main variants, the normal one and the end one

Angel cat

It can be found in jungles which includes all vanilla cat variants, you can tameable by using Fish

  • billey:flyingcat
  • Scares: phantoms, spiders, creepers and hostile cats
  • Drops phantom membranes
  • Wild
    • It will spawn in the still mode for 15-40 seconds or until something hits it
  • When it leaves still mode it’ll fly for 3-5 mins.

End angel cat

It spawns in the End and Jungle nights

  • billey:endflyingcat
  • Angel cats are feared when is shooted shulker bullets (only when it’s standing)
  • Teleports randomly
  • Tameable with chorus fruit instead of fish


It spawns in swamps which includes 2 variants

  • billey:duck
  • Health: 3 hearts
  • Open their mouths when they quack
  • Randomly switch between water and land mode
  • Randomly stand up and flap their wings
  • Using seeds or carrots, to bred, healed, tamed and grown-up

Angel Pig

It can be found in plains, a bit more commonly in flower forests. When you hit a wild angle pig, all wild ones will turn dark brown with red eyes and start to attack you.

  • billey:flyingpig
  • Health wild: 15 hearts
  • Tamed: 20 hearts
  • Attack damage: 4 hearts
  • Tameable using golden carrots

Withered Cat

Withered Cat similar behavior with zombie cats, but:

  • billey:zombified_cat
  • Have different variants, using a Sad potion on a cat or a Skeleton cat to get it


It is a neutral mob in Billey’s Mobs Add-on that will hunt vanilla fish and pizzafish for you (tamed Penguin). Look them quite funny when getting angry

  • billey:penguin
  • Health: 8.5 hearts
  • Attack damage: 2.5 hearts
  • Switches between water and land mode
  • Can be tamed when a baby
  • Using raw cod or salmon to tempt, bred and healed
  • Penguins on land on water mode have a random chance to get a 10-second long speed boost or break the ice under them to get to the water


It spawn rarely in plains in small groups, commonly in rivers (small groups), and commonly in jungles (large groups). When the snail is killed, there is nothing drop. Snail is combined with 256 colors and 3 types.

  • Weakness Snail (50% chance): antennas are straight and deals no damage, knockback and gives weakness 1 forever
  • Slowness Snail (40% chance): antennas are slightly bent and deals 0 or half heart damage, knockback and gives slowness 1 forever
  • Poisonous Snail (10% chance): antennas are bent a bit more than the slowness snail and deals 0 damage, knockback and gives withering 1 forever
  • All of them are spawn from the same spawn egg, same mob and targeted from the same identifier
  • Babies snail are born with the body color and type of one of their parents (random shell color)
  • When it’s tamed, it will attack monsters for you, but even the poisonous snail can’t kill a zombie, so you need a couple of snails to just kill a zombie
  • Randomly sleep while they are wild. Wake them up by damaging them or by interacting with them
  • When you make a tamed one sit it’ll sleep until you make it stand up
  • Make “Z” particles while they are sleeping
  • Climb walls like spiders, they get turned sideways while climbing on a wall so they actually look like they are climbing the wall
  • Using the following items below to tamed, bred, tempt, and healed :
    • Any kind of leaves
    • Both types of overworld mushrooms
    • Apple
    • Wheat
    • Sea Pickle
    • The bark block you get when crafting 4 logs
    • Grass(not the dirt block with grass above it)
    • 1 Block Flowers


They spawn in lakes and swamps (3-5 ones), rivers, and rarely in oceans (5-7 ones). They aren’t attacked by any mob but other mobs might kill them over self-defense.

  • billey:piranha
  • Health: 2 hearts
  • Attack damage: 0-1.5 hearts with slowness 1 for a second
  • Every 10-60 seconds a piranha will attack and the random nearby mob that isn’t another piranha and every other piranha will attack that mob too.
  • Fish Sword can be used to kill 5 at them at the same time as cod.
  • When they attack a mob it will never be killed instantly, but when it dies piranhas will either collect or eat its loot so the ocean doesn’t get littered. They also eat dropped food items from vanilla or Billey’s Mobs.
  • Immune to the fish sword (Tamed ones). If you hit your tamed piranha with a fish sword, it won’t take any damage it will just become bigger.
  • Drop nothing other than the item they picked up.

Minecraft Furniture Mod

Items – Billey Mobs Add-on

Sea Pizza

Sea Pizza is used to tame most of the fish.

  • billey:pizzapiece
  • Dropped by pizzafish
  • Small chance to give you slowness or make you invincible for some seconds

Swordfish Meat

Swordfish Fillet: It can be cooked into swordfish steak

  • billey:swordmeat
  • 1.5 hunger bars
  • Dropped by Swordfish
  • Has a small chance of giving you fatal poison

Swordfish Steak:

  • billey:swordcooked
  • 3.5 hunger bars
  • Takes slightly less time to eat than vanilla food
  • Small chance of giving water breathing

Fish Sword

  • billey:swordfish
  • Deals 13 heart damage to fish, orcas, picklepets, and penguins.

Cat Potions

Follow recipes on the end of this post

Sad Potion

  • billey:zcat_bottle
  • Cat, Skeleton Cat turn into Withered Cat

Happy Potion

  • billey:cat_bottle
  • Withered Cat turn into Cat

Boring Potion

  • billey:scat_bottle
  • Withered Cat, Cat turn into Skeleton Cat

Funny Potion

  • billey:wcat_bottle
  • Skeleton Cat turn into Cat

Colorful Potion

  • billey:colorful_potion
  • To use any of potions, you need to tame the mob first (you must be the one who tamed it)
  • Get a color-changing overlay by tamed a cat, cod or salmon

Colorless Potion

  • billey:colorless_potion

Changes to the existing cat mob

  • Add 5 new variant
  • Spawn at jungles but still also spawn at villages

How to tame the fish

Make a cool aquarium with multiple types of fish. If you don’t want them to eat each other, let tamed them.

  • Using pieces of pizza that are dropped by pizzafish to tamed most of the fish. Except:
    • Pizzafish require rotten flesh
    • Vanilla fish require seeds or carrots

Recipes – Billey Mobs Add-on

All recipes are in the recipe book, except for velvet slime blocks because blocks can’t be added to the creative inventory/recipe book(without requiring the beta at least).
The order you put the materials in the crafting table doesn’t matter

Planned Mobs – Billey Mobs Add-on

  • Caracalbig floppa
  • More hats, and also useable on mobs that aren’t birds
  • Cosmetics for cats, like an item that removes or adds the collar, or a sweater
  • Striped hamster variant
  • Goblin Shark
  • Betta Fish
  • Sardine
  • Kiwi egg item that looks like kiwi fruit

Terms of Use

  1. No using this for clickbait videos or videos that give false information.
  2. You must put the MCPEDL link in the description if you make a video, not your own monetized link or a direct link.
  3. Feel free to look at the code but pls don’t copy it I’ll ask MCPEDL to take down your add-on if you do and I notice.
  4. No claiming this add-on as yours, modifying and uploading it, etc. Keep in mind that selling others people’s content online is illegal.
  5. No doing other nonsense things like the things above, because I didn’t say something it doesn’t mean that you can do it. have fun!
  6. Don’t make anyone complete any type of tasks to get the add-on, like subscribing to your channel, paying some kind of digital currency(doesn’t matter if the digital currency can be earned for “free”) or getting through your link shortener.
  7. You don’t need to ask me to use this for a map or a modpack just give me and the add-on credit


Billey Mobs Add-on
– Fixed the snails crash
– The duck hat is no longer craftable (but only obtained by killing a rare zombie that spawns wearing a duck hat)
– Banana ducks can be tamed/bred/grown up/lured using bread (picklepet fertilizer still works)
– When you don’t have the advancement add-on in your world and do something that would normally give a billey mobs advancement you no longer get weird text like chat.advancement.task, instead, the “<insert person> has completed the advancement <insert advancement>” text gets sent into the chat normally
– Can craft bone meal using 2 snail shells
Billey Mobs

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