Potopo: Furniture (BETA) Addon for Minecraft Pe

The Potopo furniture addon has added decorative elements but still keep preserving the artistic style of Minecraft. Combining your requirements, this addon was created to help you decorate the world in the way you like. It will bring great experience

Cre: Potopo Ann, Twitter, Youtube

All the items in this addon can be obtained in survival mode through the Loot Box. There are some furniture can be used as containers to store items too

Loot box – Potopo furniture addon

This is recipe of Loot box. If you destroy this box, you will get some of the furniture randomly

Potopo furniture addon


Minecraft Classic Chair

Invisible seat


And more

Note from creator

It is prohibited to distribute and modify the AddOn without the creator’s consent.

Please don’t make your own links


Potopo Furniture (Behavior) .McAddon
Potopo Furniture (Resource) .McAddon

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