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Amplified Biomes Minecraft Addon frequently generates in your Minecraft world. There are epic floating islands and strange outcrops appear around the world. They will immediately draw your attention since you enter these biomes

Cre: gildedbedrock

Amplified Biomes Minecraft Addon

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The extremely custom biomes include Jungle, Dark Oak Forest, Flowering Forest, Desert, Forest, Ice Spikes, Mega Taiga, Savanna, and Mesa. The Minecraft world will become more interesting with these things, let see some pictures below

Have fun exploring the unique worlds when you apply this Amplified Biomes Minecraft addon. It will generate quite frequently in the world and don't override any vanilla biomes


Dark Oak Forest

Flowering Forest



Mega Taiga

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Ice Spikes


Amplified Biomes: make the download link become more accessible and easier to find


Amplified Biomes Minecraft Addon,Amplified Biomes

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