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Alien Warfare Pack is a custom space theme which can be used to build a great space map. There has a new texture for all the weapons such as the phaser blaster, a custom spacesuit, and two new alien mobs. In addition, the glowstone is redesigned with a new look (look aline-like).

Cre: Kidsource, Twitter

Alien Warfare

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If you are looking for some space-themed graphic, this pack will be one of the best choices for you. Now, let's explore what this pack will bring for you through the pictures below

Alien Warfare Features

  • Spacesuit
  • New textures for two alien mobs
  • Add new textures for the blocks (e.g. control panels)
  • Custom ladder and sign textures
  • 70+ custom space-themed items
  • All villagers are customized
  • And more!


– Over 70 custom space-themed items
– Added:
+ Several new control panel and space themed blocks.
+ 6 new passive alien mobs (space chicken, one-eyed Martian cow)
+ New neutral alien mob, 2 new hostile alien mobs.
– Customized all villagers
– Tweaked the design of a few custom tools and weapons.


Alien Warfare

You can get .ZIP file here: Download .Zip

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