Ale Shader v1.1 Cliffs Update! (Android/iOS)

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Ale Shader is back with more realistic graphics to help you get the most out of your gaming experience. It also works on machines with 1 GB of RAM, and I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Cre: The alexander (Twitter)

Ale Shader Feature 

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Some screenshots from for this shader:

– Day and night color


Shadow and Lingting

Ale Shader
Ale Shader

Some other shader packs Minecraft PE you can check in


  • World coloring
  • Lighting coloring
  • Beautiful and realistic sky
  • Shadow (under the block)
  • Shaking leaves and plants
  • Fog in the nether and end
  • Above all and most important low-end 1.0 Gb RAM
  • Etc …



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Help me with something any grain of sand is worth 🙂 :


Update v1.1!!!

  • New texturing of the sky now more realistic.
  • Enhanced lighting for cave exploration.
  • The night is now more illuminated, it is not dark as in its past version.
  • Removed the wave in the nether.
  • Added new fog in the day, night, sunsets, rain and the nether.
  • Shader optimization for higher fps rate.
  • Compatible with the Cliffs Update.

Download Ale Shader V1.1 (Support Creator)

Download Ale Shader V 1.1 (Drive)

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