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A food world in Minecraft!! Let’s come to discover and create new foods in Strat Food Expansion addon. It will give you the meals that make your stomach deserves!

Creator: Stratospheer, Youtube, Twitter

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Strat Food Expansion Addon

This add-on reduces the strength of all existing vanilla foods and requires more progression for you to obtain a fulfilling snack. When you start the journey to explore Strat’s Food Expansion, you will see some things that will help you for making some of your favorite foods.

Crop Bush

Grow up crop bush and break this you will get a chance to obtain the new crops which include: tomato and lettuce, along with other vanilla crops, like potatoes, melon seeds, etc. Besides, you can also collect them by using shears.

Maple Trees

By collecting maple trees, you can get Maple syrup (using a glass jar when the syrup on the logs has matured). You can also use maple shears to destroy and collect maple leaves.

Salt Ore

Strat Food Expansion provides a white ore that can be found in caves and mountains. Mining it you will get from 1 to 3 piếc of salt which is a key ingredient for making a lot of foods (generation now fixed).

Equipment – Strat Food Expansion

Cook Book

A recipe for each type of equipment is in this Cook book!


It will help you make butter by placing milk in it and churning it.

Mortar and Pestle

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Material: 3 Andesite blocks and 1 flint

It is one of the things needed for grinding such as wheat to get flour, sugar canes to get sugar, and cocoa beans to get cocoa powder for chocolate!


Toast bread Strat Food Expansion, just slot some bread slices in it, then it will become toast. This toast bread can be buttered on it and even jam or marmalade.

Download Strat Food Expansion Addon

Kitchen Knife & Chopping Board

It’s used for cutting food on the Chopping Board

  • Bread → Bread Slices
  • Raw Chicken → Chicken Slices + Raw Chicken Wing
  • Raw Porkchop → Raw Bacon / Raw Sausage
  • Cheese Block → 3 Cheese
  • Any Pizza → 3 Pizza Slices

Check the recipe in the cookbook!!


Use pot to make salt (put pour water into it) and make cheese (milk + salt). This one only is placed on furnaces or smokers.

Frying Pan

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  • Raw Bacon → Cooked Bacon
  • Raw Sausage → Cooked Sausage
  • Raw Chicken Wing → Cooked Chicken Wing
  • Chicken Slices + Salt → Chicken Nuggets
  • 2 Potatoes + Salt → Fries
  • Batter → Pancake
  • Egg → Fried Egg

Note: you can put the pan on furnaces or smokers

Paper Plate – Clay Plate – Ceramic Plate

  • Paper Plate: needed for making 10 fulfilling meals, like Fish and Chips, Bangers and Mash, Chicken and Waffles,… Note: this one can become dirty and you can use it only one time!
  • Clay Plate: help you make Ceramic Plates by smelting them.
  • Ceramic Plate: alternative to paper plates bcz can reusable and can be placeable

Food – Strat Food Expansion


The recipe is changed to make it more difficult to obtain

  1. Make flour by using wheat on a Mortar and Pestle.
  2. To get the dough, you need to use water + flour + salt
  3. You get bread after obtaining three dough

You can also get the old bread as called baguette by placing the dough vertically after that cut the bread on the Chopping Board to obtain Bread Slices

Fish and Chips

It is made with fries and cooked cod.

  • How to get fries: you need to 2 potatoes and salt, the frying pan
  • Then take fries cook with cod and a plate together you will get fish and chips

Don’t forget to turn on Experimental Features

  • Holiday creator features
  • Creation of custome biomes
  • Addtional modding capabilities
  • Upcoming creator features

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– Fixed:
+ Potatoes unable to place crop
+ Raw and cooked salmon: unable to eat
– Added: lasagne, cornish pasty, ice cream sandwich
– Tweaked textures


mcpeaddons download

Strat food expansion v1.4

You can get Zip file here Strat food expansion .zip

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