AK X-Ray PLUS Texture for MCPE 1.17

If you feel tired of mining and even you have to mine in a straight line and can’t find anything there. Come to AK X-Ray Plus texture where you can easily find diamond, ore,… Let’s try to imagine if your friend has a hidden chest and you don’t know where your friend hide it, or you cant find an underground mob. Well, this texture pack is a perfect solution for you which will help you do it!

Cre: Adrikadh, Twitter, Youtube

AK X-Ray PLUS Texture

Once you apply this texture, your Minecraft world now will get a better experience with the new customization modes

AK X-Ray PLUS Texture have 8 modes:

  1. Default
  2. Default X-Ray with bordered 1.17 Ore Blocks
  3. Overworld
  4. Nether
  5. END
  6. X-Ray for Diamonds and Emeralds
  7. Netherite
  8. Aggresive


Smoth lighting turn on (mobile), or without a night vision potion (only in windows 10) and smoth lighting turn off (mobile), and a night vision potion (only in windows 10)




How to use AK X-Ray

  • Mobile: import pack –> turn off the smoth lighting
  • Windows 10: import pack –> turn off the smoth lighting, use a night vision potion to get better experience


V 1.0.1 PLUS
– Better agressive mode to be more agressive!
– Fixed bugs:
+ Coulsand in nether mode
+ Bug can not work correctly in mobile
– Little code changes

PLUS version
– Better performance for low devices
– New icon of the texture
– Eliminated unnecessary content to reduce the total size
– Changes in the code
– And more little changes…
– Now the texture has new modes to better use it in specific dimensions, to find specific colors, or to use it in different cases


AK X-Ray PLUS Texture

or download here

Alternative Download
Old AK X-Ray v11

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