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Aquarius PE Shaders is a shader package for Minecraft (Android/iOS) that makes your world is much better. Once you apply this shader, your world will become more realistic and beautiful. It has cool features that will make Minecraft (Android/iOS) lightweight, shadow, water, leaves, and colors.

Usually, shader packages that have these features require a powerful device but these shader packages can be used on intermediate devices. With the green theme, this shaders package has a realistic glow from the blocks that produce light.

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Cre: Scorpio Graphics, Twitter, IG

Aquarius PE Shader


Aquarius PE Shaders 2.4 v2.4.0:

  • Staining the light of a torch
  • Realistic shadow
  • Wavy and moving water
  • Waving plants
  • Realistic sunlight
  • Day and night light
  • The sky is twisted
  • Tonemap coloring
  • Fog
  • Saturation
  • Auto exposure
  • Vignette
  • Realistic water
  • Realistic water wave
  • Underwater Effect
  • Realistic Nether


APES Legacy V2.8.0 Update

  • The torch light is much more saturated and has a smaller radius
  • Day and might coloring is changed to be much more colorful
  • Shadows are much smoother
  • Leaf color is more saturated
  • The movement of water and leaves more visible
  • When it rains there will be a much more realistic rain effect
  • The mist had a different color
  • The color of the water has changed and much more transparent
  • The sky has more saturated color


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