Advanchat addon for Minecraft

Do you wanna improve the experience when playing Minecraft on mobile? Come to Advanchat addon which helps your chat screen. It will implement useful features such as autocompletion abilities only available to keyboard players up until now.

Cre: Th3Emilis, Twitter, Youtube

Advanchat Feature

This add-on will simplify the chat screen experience of the mobile players. The tab buttons help auto-complete your commands or arrow buttons which let you navigate between your previous messages and send them again.

You also can see the other feature in the picture above such as UI fixes, the proper focus state effect for buttons, and the ability to prevent the chat screen from closing when taking damage.

There are some features that are only available by enabling the extension packs bundled with the base add-on. So don’t need to use any of the additional features of the Advanchat addon if you don’t have a plan to use it.

Note from creator

Read terms of use below

  • No Derivates: you can remix, adapt or build upon the add-on as long as it is for private use (this means that you may not publish or distribute it anywhere).
  • Non-Commercial: you may not monetize, sell, or profit off the add-on in any way.
  • Redistribution: You may not redistribute or republish the add-on.
  • Sharing: don’t share the direct download link or any user-made link of the add-on
  • Attribution: give proper credit if any of the add-on contents (UI, files, etc.) like your video, or any content
  • No bundling: You may not include the add-on files or snippets from them in other add-ons.


Advanchat addon 1.1.0
– Improved UI and accessibility: Autocomplete and message navigation buttons are now properly announced when using a screen reader.
– Added: translations (11 languages); subpacks
– Command block autocomplete buttons
– Choose to keep the chat open when taking damage.
Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)


Advanchat addon

or here (gg drive)
you can get ZIP file here: Advanchat addon

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Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

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