Minecraft Dungeons Addon for Minecraft Pe

This addon will bring to you Minecraft Dungeons addon for Minecraft Bedrock. It will replicate the behaviors, designs, and animation of the exclusive entities as best as possible. Are you ready to play this Minecraft Dungeons mobs?

Cre: Team Infinite Minds, Youtube, Twitter

Dungeons Addon

Redstone Monstrosity

It spawns and attacks similar Iron Golem

  • Life: 300
  • Damage: 8-24
  • Spawn chance: it depends on game difficulty


Mostly appears at night. Their objective is to follow Creeper, Zombies, Husks, and Spiders. It will make them stronger against the player. They only reveal itself against the player when they are hit by them

  • Life: 30
  • Damage: 3-4
Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

Enchanted Mobs

It works as an ordinary Enchanted mob but:

  • It’s not get burned in Sunlight
  • Their attacks and their lives have twice as much


Wraith appears at night and doesn’t make the fire appear in the player ( it works not well in these versions). It unlike the Minecraft Dungeons Wraith. Or you can also see the Enderman can teleport but at a very low range. It reappears behind your back immediately to troll you. It will also come and dies after daylight.

  • Life: 30
  • Damage: 6


It can not summon enemies due to the limits of Minecraft Bedrock. Arch-Illager run and attack fast like a baby Zombie

  • Life: 60
  • Damage: 2

Piggy Bank

This is a bulging-eyed pig and carries a chest with emeralds on back. When the world at dawn and dusk, they will appear due to its spawning filters (it spawn at the right light level). It works similarly to an ordinary pig

  • Life: 20
  • Damage: 0
  • Can reproduce with common pigs
  • Escape speed is higher than common pigs when the player hit them
  • The chest work as a passenger. When you kill the pig, it will work like a normal chest with storage slots

 Loot Chests

Minecraft Dungeons Loot Chests must be placed manually in worlds with Creative Mode, except the Gold Chest (Piggy Bank carries)

  • Life: 3
  • Damage: 0


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Dungeons Addon

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