Dungeons Minecraft RPG Adventure Map

Welcome to Dungeons Minecraft RPG – a cool map that your main task is to survive! Start exploring new locations with every new opponent, then solve puzzles and find hidden objects to help you move on to the next place

Cre: PanGangowskiYt, Youtube

Dungeons Minecraft RPG

All levels in Minecraft Parkour map are divided into 4 types of difficulty: Easy – Medium – Hard – Ultra-hard. You can get loot boxes and additional equipment such as arrows when exchanging to levels. Besides weapons and armor can be dropped out of the cases from the case shop

Also, you can get a Supply Chest with free food, golden apples, and medkits,… it ups to amount of players currently on the Dungeons Minecraft RPG map


LVL is a currency in this map and at the same time is experience points in-game

Your task:

  • Completing dungeons.
  • Putting useless loots/mob drops/items to “Trashcan”.
  • Defeating monsters.


This is a common name for the levels/stages. At the beginning, all types of difficulty levels will be locked, except Easy

To unlock the medium levels, your task now has to complete all Easy Levels! Unlock hard levels, and Ultra-hard levels are also the same to unlock medium levels. I mean you need to complete all the under levels before you want to move on to the next type of difficulty level

Completed a level, it gives you:

  • An easy level: 2 LVL
  • A medium level: 5 LVL
  • A Hard level: 30 LVL
  • An Ultra hard level: 50 LVL
Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)


Here you can get the gear to prepare for the fight against monsters or just something to eat. There are 2 shops: Items shop and Cases shop

  • Items shop: here you can buy various items and food such as medkits, arrows, etc
  • Case shop: buy cases, which may drop good weapons and armors to defeat monsters (drop totally random)

Playable levels

It’s just a place for a player who will fight against the monsters and gain in-game currency to get better gear

  1. Easy levels: Grim Forest – Mineshaft – Icy Land
  2. Medium levels: Cave – Creeperland – Ruins – Underwater
  3. Hard levels: Dungeon – Pillagers’ mansion – Canyon
  4. Ultra-hard levels: Jungle awakens
  5. Rarity system: There are 5** rarities
  • Common: The color of items names with that rarity is white, pretty easy to find in this tier
  • Uncommon: it not easy to find items from this tier compare with common rarity items. The color of items names with that rarity is blue
  • Rare: rare to find. The color of items names with that rarity is green
  • Epic: finding harder than “Rare” rarity item. The color of items names with that rarity is purple
  • Legendary: so rare to find. There are only 2 items with this rarity. The Colour of items names with that rarity is golde

Some of captures in Dungeons Minecraft RPG map

Supply chest – Dungeons Minecraft RPG

Supply chest rewards:

  • 1 player is 9 arrows, 1 golden apple, 1 beef, 1 bread.
  • 2 players are 18 arrows, 2 golden apples, 2 beef, 2 bread.
  • 3 players are 27 arrows, 3 golden apples, 3 beef, 3 bread.
  • 4 players are 36 arrows, 4 golden apples, 4 beef, 4 bread.

Supports single-player and multiplayer, and unlimited amounts of players. But recommended to not play with more than 4 players, because the Dungeons Minecraft RPG map becomes easier by killing mobs with a lot of players. You still can play, no problem

Note from creator:

You are allowed to:

  • Share the link leads through the mcpe dl website
  • Use images of Dungeons Minecraft RPG map
  • Make youtube videos, and earn profit with that video

You are prohibited to:

  • Distribute this map or inside special add-on made for “Dungeons-Minecraft RPG map” with or without any modification.
  • Make download links, and earn any profit with map/link. Sharing not an official link to download this map. (This map is free, and everyone may play it!)
  • Post this addon on other websites or Minecraft-related applications/programs! We have the right to keep this addon “MCPE DL” exclusive!


Jungle Awakens Update:
– Added
+ new levels: Jungle Awakens (2 parts) and Icy Land.
+ added medkits
+ A lot of new custom weapons.
+ the ability to repair items (like bow or crossbow) with an anvil.
– Bow and crossbow is op, impossible to buy but possible to get from monsters
– Re-balanced economy of boxes and items.
– A completely new system of cases.
– Rebuilt items shop
– Bug fixed:
+ The portal will no longer close when we die.
+ The cutscene works 100% correctly from now!
+ There will ALWAYS be the same number of mobs on all levels.
+ The weather works well on the “Pillagers’ mansion” and when exiting this level.
+ Zombies will no longer turn into little brown cubes.


Dungeons Minecraft RPG

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[…] Dungeon RPG Map […]


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[…] Dungeons Minecraft RPG […]


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