DreamSMP Pandora’s Vault World

I guess you have heard about the famous server that consists of content creators and improves role-playing (like Dream SMP?) Are you curious about what’s inside those servers? DreamSMP Pandora’s Vault will show you a huge facility with tight security! It will recreation the famous prison known as Pandora’s Vault. Cre: MINIPRO27YT, Youtube, Twitter DreamSMP … Read more

Working Phone Minecraft – MinePhone 3.3

Hi guys, welcome to MinePhone III – A working phone in Minecraft. It’s a fully functional phone that fits into the palm of your blocky hand. It uses map technology that gives you a 128x screen. The keyboard work on this phone. The infamous Minecraft in Minecraft, it’s very easy to get the hang of … Read more

Safe House Map (Building/System)

This Safe House is the construction of a modern that has protection against mobs and anti players trolls!!!! It’s a really beautiful modern decoration that you can explore right now Cre: TEAM CUBITOS MC, Youtube, Twitter Functions of Safe House Laser door protection Lava contour protection Rock house protection Electric cage protection Anti-mobs protection: only … Read more

Linear Graph Plotting Redstone Computer

This is a redstone computer that created to plot linear graphs by using the equation y=mx + c (y = y axis, x = x-axis, m = line gradinent (how much it increments x by) and c = y-intercept or offset value. Cre: TheDarkness344, Youtube So what does this mean? Yeah, if you input an … Read more

My Redstone Smart House [Redstone] | Map MCPE

A big mansion is built from a combination of modern and Redstone smart houses. You can start your own adventure in a house quite safe. There has a master bedroom that includes 8 beds and a lot of different redstone mechanisms,… Cre: DireWolf314159 Redstone Smart House A Smart house with a lot of Redstone mechanisms … Read more

RS Smart Modern House Super Ultra [Redstone] Minecraft Map

This is a smart modern house. It looks relatively small but there is a lot of things inside to display. There are over 60 Redstone creations and more than 500 command blocks!! It’s actually optimized house that you can have for both survival and creative mode Cre: M7MoGameR A modern house with a little bit … Read more

20 Redstone Creations [Redstone] Minecraft Maps

There are 20 redstone creations in Minecraft maps such as TNT traps to airplanes and TNT cannons, basic redstone structures but useful. Some of them can only be built in creative mode (they require command blocks), but most of them build in a survival world. Cre: Yellow fox Downloads 20 Redstone Creations You can get … Read more

Paradise Island [Redstone] Minecraft Maps

A cool journey on a sunny South Sea island on the beach. Would you like to relax here? Sitting on the beach, drink cocktails, play beach volleyball, and many more. Moreover, you even have a large modern house with an airplane in front of the house. In this Paradise Island map uses Redstone techniques, it … Read more

Redstone World | Minecraft PE Maps

This redstone world includes flying machines, doors… It have more than 20 redstone/command build. Creator: Logboi14YT Some are unfinished and don’t completely work. Update soon… DOWNLOAD REDSTONE WORLD: If you like this addon, you may like others add-on below: Elytra Pro v2.1 | Infinite Flight + New Models SCP: Collaboration | Minecraft PE Addon SERP … Read more

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