Superland 2.0 Realm 2020 PvP MCPE Maps

This Superland 2.0 Realm has combined so many kinds of minigames together in a single map. There are a lot of changes over the last 4 years with new games and content are added to this map.

Cre: Scuppy12, Twitter, Youtube

Superland is suited for Realms or local multiplayer because most of the games on this map are for 2 players or more. Players can enjoy PvP games, Parkour, Block Party, Bedwars, Speedrun, Drop and Jump, Total Wipeout, and much more…

What’s inside this Realm?

Let watch some capture from this map

  1. PvP
  2. Parkour
  3. Skywars
  4. Speedrun
  5. Drop and Jump
  6. Total Wipeout
  7. Piano Tiles
  8. Subway Surfers
  9. FortNite
  10. Pokemon Go
  11. Block Party
  12. Kit PVP
  13. Mario
  14. Prisons-Updated New Mines
  15. Capture The Flag
  16. Elytra Parkour
  17. Zombies Survival
  18. Hide & Seek
  19. Elytra Parkour
  20. Zombies
  21. One Punch
  22. TNT RUN
  23. City Role Play 
  24. Sumo- NEW
  25. Farming Simulator Role-Play-NEW
  26. Theme Park/Zoo
  27. Murder Mystery(Coming Soon)


+ Survival
+ New Easter eggs
+ Parkour spiral
+ Tutorial for new players


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