Raid Battle [2020] PvP

This map is the sequel to the map “Raid Battle”. It can handle 4 players fight each other on pre-made maps with one of 8 characters. Cre:  Raid games, Twitter, Youtube Each of the characters has unique weapons and tools to fight, it will be more fun and interesting to play Kits Maps Let explore … Read more

D-Day Battle Map [AIRSTRIKES] [pvp]

D-Day Battle Map is a simplistic map that can be divided into two teams, Americans team battle with German team. You can pick one team you like when join the game. The Americans spawn on a ship offshore while Germans spawn on the Mainland on the cliffs. Cre: Co2byJ98 D-Day Battle Map can handle around … Read more

Maze PvP Map – Team Battle [PvP]

Come to a Maze PVP map – Team Battle! There have 2 different teams (blue team and red team). The player has to fight against the opposite team, find out the weapon inside the maze. First, you will start with basic weapons Cre: Scerri, Youtube Maze PVP map You have to enter the Blue or … Read more

Superland 2.0 Realm 2020 PvP MCPE Maps

This Superland 2.0 Realm has combined so many kinds of minigames together in a single map. There are a lot of changes over the last 4 years with new games and content are added to this map. Cre: Scuppy12, Twitter, Youtube Superland is suited for Realms or local multiplayer because most of the games on … Read more

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