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Are you familiar with the term “shaders” in Minecraft? If you’re unfamiliar with Minecraft Shaders, they allow users to elevate their gaming experience to a whole new level. They plan to improve the game’s visuals and overall graphic settings to give it a more realistic appearance. This is exactly what you’ve been looking for! Features: -Analogous Sun and Moon -Realistic Water -Shadows-Trees-Underwater Distortion -And Much More!

Cre: StarStudios

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Star Shaders

Screenshots from Mcpeaddons:

Some other Shaders Minecraft PE you can check in 


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Scroll down and click on “Free Access” 

Click on “View Articles” and wait 5 seconds 

Then click on “x” 

After that, click “Continue to Star Shaders” 

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Download the File

—– Importing to Minecraft —–

Click on “star_shaders.mcpack” 

Click on “Import to Minecraft” 

Enjoy! 😀

Star shaders

Download Shaders (Support Creator) 

Download Shaders (Drive)

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Shaders for MCPE

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