Redred Craft Addon V4

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Hi. Hello again. I hope you enjoyed the addon, and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel since I always post my addons there today as I’m going to release the new update of Redred Craft:

Cre: Redred aesthetic (Youtube)

Redred craft addon v4

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The game now has over 80 new pieces of furniture thanks to this update, which is also survival-friendly. To learn more about the crafting recipes and other details, watch my video review of the addon.

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Additionally, because you cannot interact with the furniture, these furniture additions are purely for decoration.

There are a lot of furniture pictures, so I might not include them all.

The screenshot of me using it will therefore be posted on my build.

Visit my YouTube description box for further details.

Thank you as well to Hana Ling, the designer of Hananacraft.

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I appreciate you letting me utilize some of your models and textures, Hana.

Credits and details can be found in the description box of my YouTube video.

Redred Craft Addon
Redred Craft Addon
Redred Craft Addon
Redred Craft Addon
Redred Craft Addon

That’s it ihope you enjoyed the pack 

Redred Craft Addon


Download Redred Craft Addon V4 (Mediafire)

Download Redred Craft Addon V4 (Link Backup)


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