Real zombie apocalypse V.2.6.9

My Real zombie apocalypse addon got a huge update!  Supported version 1.16.10+ can be downloaded  in version 1.10.0+. Here is a information about my new addon.

Creator: Janjaa suld

Real zombie apocalypse

Added Anti-zombie armors: Protects you from zombie virus (Bite)

Minecraft Gun Mod

Real zombie apocalypse
Real zombie apocalypse
Real zombie apocalypse

2. Added Zombie cure: Make 16 of them to make “The currer”. You will need 1 pumpkin, 2 iron blocks, 16 cures on craftingtable. Tame him with melon, cookie, apple

Watch more Zombie here:

3. Zombies are now undead! Walker 500hp, Runner: male:500hp, female:480hp, High experience rewarded. There are 2 ways for killing them quickly!

4. Hit them on head: Head is weak spot on zombies. Health 10hp

5. Shoot them: Head shot would be useful!

Real zombie apocalypse

6. Illager vindicator can turn into zombie: Cure him to make partner of illager. If he cured he will be no longer attacking villager sites, But other illagers will kill him instantly. Tame him with cookie, melon

Minecraft Gun Mod

7. Golems are now Improved: Golems dont have meat they are made of some materials so they improved now. But only new golems

8. Survivors are now virus protected: Survivors are now virus protective because they have armors, shield.

9. Guns are now automated: My guns are now become real.

Real zombie apocalypse

10. Added First aid kit and adrenaline: Use them of your health.

Real zombie apocalypse

11. Added NPC doctors: Trade them with emeralds to buy first aid kits but cant buy adrenaline

12. Civilians are now spawn in village but cant respawn

13. NPC’s are now have good loots and experience rewards (Zombies too!)

14. Added improved pickaxes: Only mine custom ores such as zinc, copper ore

15. Animals are now can turn into zombie: Only Fox, Wolf, Cat, Cow, Chicken they attack players and villagers. Can be cured

Real zombie apocalypse
Real zombie apocalypse
Real zombie apocalypse
Real zombie apocalypse

16. Added new blocks: Zinc ore: Can be used to make brass, Copper ore: Copper is now available in all versions, Can be used to make brass to make cartridges (ammo), Steel, Steel slab, Heavy steel: New construction blocks

Real zombie apocalypse

17 Minecraft zombie can be cured: Transform into steve. Can be tamed by golden apple, apple, melon.

18. Zombie pigman is now undead too: Can make headshot

How to install? Turn on experimental game play in world settings. If you dont have one only Holiday creator features, Beta api’s and more  just press one of them.  /10+/

Real zombie apocalypse
Download Real zombie apocalypse V.2.6.9_1696425558670.mcaddon here.

Minecraft Gun Mod

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