Real Train Addon for Minecraft Pe

Real Train Addon brings you to a real train instead of the Minecart usual!! It originated in the Series 115 railway addon create by Otaka

Cre: IKT, Twitter, Youtube

E5 and H5 Shinkansen

E5 and H5 train is a six-car train, this is the fastest train on the Japanese high-speed railway that is called “Shinkansen”

Odakyu 7000 series

Odakyu Series 7000 is a 5-car train, it is a limited express train that was running in Odakyu

Odakyu Monorail 500 series 

 Odakyu Monorail 500 Series is a 2-car train. This is a vehicle-mounted on the Odakyu Mukaigaoka Yuen Monorail.

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

Choshi Dentetsu Deki 3

Choshi Dentetsu Deki 3 is a 2-car train. This is a Japan’s smallest electric locomotive housed in Choshi Dentetsu.

Shonan Monorail 5000 series

Shonan Monorail 5000 series is a 3-car train. It is a monorail operated on the Enoshima Line.

Toyama Light Rail TLR0600 series

The Toyama Light Rail TLR0600 series is a 2-car train and operated by the Toyama Light Rail Line.

InterCity 125 British Rail Class 43 and British Rail Mark 3

InterCity 125 is a 4-car train. It started operation in the UK in 1976.

How to use Train Addon

You can select the minecart to replace from nomal, tnt, chest, hopper, and commandblock.

Terms of Service

We will prohibit the secondary distribution of this add-on.
At the time of remodeling this add-on, take permission for modification even for private use.
We can not assume any responsibility for problems caused by using this add-on.
We assume that you agreed to the above contents at the time of downloading.


  • Add new vehicles
  • Add Subpack
  • Fixed bugs

Downloads Real Train Addon

👉 If you like our Real Train Addon, you can also check our Train Add-on created by Gona; AdvancedCraft V3 created by SirQuackTH XD

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

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[…] Real Train Addon […]

1 year ago

How to install am 9 year old I know how to do files with explorer or do you move it to minecraft folder?

10 months ago
Reply to  Michayah
You have to click one of the links under the word "download" and then it will be installed when you click the second link. After that you have to go into the folder to start Minecraft. Then all you have to do is go to the world settings and add the modpack there.

9 months ago

Intercity 125 iOS

6 months ago

Why is the rail add on not working

4 months ago

Can’t find the Behaviour Pack

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