3 Villages and Variety of Biomes! (Minecraft Seed)

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A bunch of cool stuff in nearly every direction from spawn in this seed!!! 3 Villages and Variety Biomes such as Savanna Village, Badlands, Desert, Ravine, Ocean, Spike, snowy Village,….

Cre: TelepathicGrunt, Twitter, Youtube

Seed in number form: 577830886

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In the southeast of spawn, you can find a Savanna Village next to a Badlands and Desert biome.

In the east of spawn, it will take you to a Ravine with two exposed veins of Diamonds.

In the north of spawn, it will take you to an ocean with a Ruins, past it is a Mushroom biome! In the northwest of spawn, it will bring you to a Snowy Tundra biome with an Ice Spike biome in it!

Go ahead west of spawn, you will find a snowy Village, mostly outside the Snowy Tundra biome. Next to this Village is a Desert biome that is surrounded by a Wooded Mountains biome.

Coordinates for v1.11.x

  • Spawn: 976, 70, 4
  • Shatter Savanna Plateau/Badlands: 450, 77, 150
  • Mushroom/Plains: 800, 64, 600
  • Mushroom/Coral Reef: 545, 60, 750
  • Ice Spike: 1380, 72, 600
  • Coral Reef/Desert: 1270, 60, -320
  • Desert surrounded by Wooden Mountain biome: 1370, 70, 260
  • Snow Village going into Plains biome: 1360, 64, 90
  • Desert Village: 1340, 70, -250
  • Savanna Village: 650, 72, -270
  • Sandstone Ruins: 977, 48, 425
  • Stonebrick Ruins: 610, 34, 610
  • First Diamonds vein in exposed Ravine: 708, 11, 139
  • Second Diamonds vein in above Ravine: 678, 11, 84

3 Villages and Variety Seed ID: 577830886

👉 If you like our 3 Villages and a Large Variety of Biomes! (Seed), you can also check our Zombie Village attached to Mushroom Biome created by TelepathicGrunt; Unusual Double Village 


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