Potopo Furniture: Mini Tech Update (Part 1)

There is some new furniture added/updated in this addon, but it still retains the art style of Minecraft. This makes your world become more wonderful when decorating

Cre: Potopo Ann, Youtube, Twitter

Random furniture box

This addon can be obtained in survival mode through the Loot box. There are some furniture can be used as containers to store items.

You can randomly get some of the furniture by destroying this box

Redstone decoder

You can use this new entity to select the furniture you most want. You need a Random furniture box and some redstone


This update adding technological elements and functionalities, it’s just the first of this update


Camera with tripod


16 screens will be added soon

Desktop PC

16 screens will be added soon


16 channels and the option to scale the size of the TV will be added soon.

BOX One console

Wool sofas

Quartz toilet 

Quartz desk

It can be switch between 9 different textures!


Minecraft Classic Chair

Dye the chair with 16 different colors!

Invisible seat



And more…

Note from Creator

It is prohibited to distribute and modify the AddOn without the creator’s consent.
Please don’t make your own links.


– Added new entities:
+ Camera
+ Laptop
+ Box One console
+ TV
+ PC
+ Camera with tripod


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