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@The Octazen has built OTZ TPack Review World. This is the most basic, largest, and most extensive texture pack review map. Have you become tired of the world’s most popular texture pack reviews?

Do you wish to look for something similar but better? Do you want to support 1.17? So, here’s the answer to your problem.

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Cre: Octazen MCPEDL (Youtube

OTZ TPack Review World

Don’t worry, for typical devices like mine, this planet will not cause any lag.

The following is a list of what I put there:

TARGET BLOCK for bow, overworld and nether, armors, containers, and ultimate review hallway!!

Certain features have their own commands (particles, teleport, and speed boost mode)

Some Maps Minecraft PE you can find out more in Mcpeaadons.com


  • OTZ TPack Review World map allows you to see what blocks, items, mobs changed and not changed by your pack!
  •  OTZ TPack Review World map is similar to the most popular texture pack review map so you can recognize it easily!
  •  an easy way to review your pack 🙂

You must rebuild any meal, item, or block in order to create a texture pack.

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Here are the most commonly utilized items and blocks for the texture pack!

Here are a few of the photos; I hope you enjoy them.3

This is my armor room design, complete with fountain, and a minecart for cinematic review:)

I put the target block next to the weapons for some reason since I despise it when people shoot bows at random.

This is the ultimate review corridor. Many different types of mobs, aquatic mobs, wood, slime and honey, quartz, redstone, and other wonderful goodies may be found here!!

You’re able to :

  • Destroy it
  • Record videos on it
  • Check command block
  • Build extra room/command block
  • Enjoy the map

Credit me if you want to support me with this :

>>> map by https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4-_-xhZkEAj2iVnQrdIRNQ

you’re not able to :

  • Republish my map
  • Selling my map to others

(sorry for bad english) anyway, enjoy the map!

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I’m gonna try to fix brief introduction, this is attempt 1

OTZ TPack Review World

Download OTZ TPack Review World

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