Optimum Realism R5 PE

What do you think about Optimum Realism R5 PE for Minecraft Bedrock???? Optimum Realism is a resource pack with a realistic theme that aims for a perfect balance of performance and quality. Optimum Realism was originally intended to be a “only Java Edition” resource pack, but thanks to technology advancements, it is now not only a Minecraft Java Edition resource pack, but also has partial compatibility for Bedrock Edition. Optimum Realism is a resource pack with a realistic theme that aims for a perfect balance of performance and quality.

Cre: AtmosphereOfTech (Youtube, Instagram)

Optimum Realism R5 PE

To download the Java Edition fully compatible version of Optimum Realism with many many exclusive features click here.

Minecraft Shaders

The resource pack has full support over Java Edition and also has a Bedrock RTX version. The 128x variants of the resource pack are free except the Bedrock RTX version for now.

Some screeshots Java Version:

The Java Edition variant of the resource pack’s trailer:-

Isn’t Java Edition better than BE? So why are you making a BE variant too?

Minecraft Shaders

Yes, Java Edition is far superior to BE and has far more capabilities than BE ever had, but not everyone has a computer powerful enough to run even the base edition of Optimum Realism – 128x-. So, in order to make my resource pack available to those using mobile devices, I chose to scrimp on some features and quality improvements. This is not imply that I will ever stop working on the Java Edition variation and adding new features. This is only a side variant for folks who want to enjoy a “lite” version of Optimum Realism on their mobile devices. The Java Edition and Bedrock RTX variants of the resource pack will always have the main features and high quality.

Some Realistic Texture Packs you can check in Mcpeaddons.com: 

Screenshots for Minecraft Bedrock version:


Added more information on the “Brief Introduction” tab to better put forward the theme of the resource pack


To install Optimum Realism R5 PE, after you’ve downloaded it. Just click and it should redirect you to Minecraft where it’ll install automatically.

To achieve POM and PBR with Optimum Realism on mcpe, you need to download a powerful mcpe shader.

Optimum Realism R5 PE is compatible with Nori Shaders.

DO NOT download from the releases, instead press on code and download as zip.

Optimum Realism R5 PE

Then extract it and open it, and inside there will be another folder, move that folder to the resource packs folder.

To activate it inside Minecraft, go to global resources and first put Optimum Realism R5 PE on top and below that, add Nori Shaders.

And that should be all, boot up in the world and enjoy.

Nori shaders may not work on some devices, in this case, it’s not Optimum Realism’s fault. The best you could do is to report it to the developers of Nori Shaders.


Minecraft Shaders

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