Non-Experimental Turrets Add-on

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Who doesn’t hate having monsters on their base? No one, that’s the reason why the Non-Experimental Turrets Add-on was created, no more annoying zombies and skeletons… perhaps creepers?

Creator: Ceiszu162

Non-Experimental Turrets Add-on

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This Add-on currently adds 2 brand new turrets!

Basic Turret

Non-Experimental Turrets Add-on
  • Attack Range: 15
  • Health: 100
  • Basic turrets shoot arrows at their enemies
  • Can be found inside chests inside Pillager Outposts and Abandoned Mineshafts

Incendiary Turret

Non-Experimental Turrets Add-on
  • Attack Range: 15
  • Health: 200
  • Incendiary Turrets will shoot twelve small fire charges at their enemies
  • Be careful about where you place them, your entire world may catch on fire
  • These turrets have a small cage where you can protect yourselves from arrows and Ravagers… weird combination. Note: Even though the cage looks strong, it can’t protect you from all melee attacks.
  • Can be found inside chests on Fortresses and Bastions

Sculk Turret

Non-Experimental Turrets Add-on
  • Attack Range: 40
  • Health: 300
  • Sculk Turrets use a supercharged sonic attack on their enemies
  • They don’t need to see their enemies in order to attack them, even if they are underground
  • Can be found inside the chests of Ancient Cities

Gravity Turret

Non-Experimental Turrets Add-on
  • Effect Range: 50
  • Health: 1000
  • Gravity Turrets will apply the levitation effect on their enemies, just to later drop them from the heavens to the ground
  • Can be found inside End Cities

Turret Items

  • Note: Every Turret when destroyed will drop itself
  • Turrets have no idea of the concept of family, so please place them where they are unable to shoot each other, they might start a fight
Non-Experimental Turrets Add-on

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