Nico’s Cave Expansion

We bring Minecraft followers a new addon – Nico’s Cave Expansion. This bonus includes new mobs, blocks, plants, food, and equipment. They will allow you to expand your ability to explore the underground and discover more underground features. Download now to enjoy this new addon.

Creator: NicoTheKid (Youtube)

What’s special in Nico’s Cave Expansion Addon?

Nico's Cave Expansion


Mosshroom Cave

Mosshroom Cave currently generates under the Swamp & Mangrove Swamp biome.

Nico's Cave Expansion

Mushroom Cave

Mushroom Cave currently generates under the Mushroom Island & Dark Oak Forest biome.

Nico's Cave Expansion


Moss Shroom

  • Passive Mob
  • Spawn in Mosshroom Cave.
  • Health: 12 (Wild) | 22 (Tamed)
  • Breadable using Azalea.
  • Tamable using Flowering Azalea.
  • Healable using Azalea & Flowering Azalea.
  • Drop: Mosshroom Fungus.
  • Wild Moss Shroom will avoid players & hostile mobs.
  • Wild Moss Shroom will sleep at daytime.
  • Tamed Moss Shroom will spawn a mosshroom fungus at random time.
Nico's Cave Expansion


  • Neutral Mob
  • Spawn in Mushroom Cave.
  • Health: 20
  • Attack Damage: 2-3
  • Breadable using Moss Berry.
  • Healable using Moss Berry, Sweet BerriesGlow BerriesAppleBeetrootCarrot, Potato & Melon Slice.
  • Drop: Mycelium Sprouts.
  • They will sleep at daytime.
Nico's Cave Expansion

Mossy Skeleton

  • Hostile Mob.
  • Spawn in Mosshroom CaveLush CaveJungleSwamp, & Mangrove Swamp.
  • Health: 20
  • Attack Damage: 3
  • Drop: BoneMoss SproutsMosshroom Fungus, & Moss Berry.
  • They don’t burn in daylight.
  • They sleep at daytime.
Nico's Cave Expansion
Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)



– Marble Patch

Nico's Cave Expansion

– Limestone Patch

Nico's Cave Expansion

Ores & Fossil Patches

– Tin Ore Patch

Nico's Cave Expansion

– Zinc Ore Patch

Nico's Cave Expansion

– Prismarine Ore Patch

Nico's Cave Expansion

– Fossil Patch

Nico's Cave Expansion


– Moss Berry Plant Vegetation

Nico's Cave Expansion

– Mosshroom Fungus Vegetation

Nico's Cave Expansion

– Moss Sprouts Vegetation

Nico's Cave Expansion

– Mycelium Sprouts Vegetation

Nico's Cave Expansion

Huge Fungus

– Huge Mosshroom

Nico's Cave Expansion

– Huge Mushroom with Shroomlight

Nico's Cave Expansion


– Mosshroom Bush

Nico's Cave


Natural Blocks:

– Moss Sprouts

  • Use shear to obtain.
  • Use a bonemeal on  small moss sprouts to become a tall moss sprouts.
Nico's Cave

– Mycelium Sprouts

  • Use shear to obtain.
  • Use a bonemeal on  small mycelium sprouts to become a tall mycelium sprouts.
Nico's Cave

Construction Blocks

– Mosshroom Planks

Nico's Cave Expansion

Polished Blocks

– Polished Limestone

Nico's Cave Expansion

– Polished Marble

Nico's Cave Expansion

Compacted Blocks

– Block of Bronze

Nico's Cave Expansion

– Block of Brass

Nico's Cave Expansion
Nico's Cave Expansion

– Block of Raw Tin

Nico's Cave Expansion

– Block of Zinc

Nico's Cave Expansion

– This add-on may only compatible with Minecraft version 1.19.20 or higher.
– This add-on is COMPATIBLE with other add-ons.


Version: 1.0



  • Added Mosshroom Cave
  • Added Mushroom Cave


  • Added Moss Shroom
  • Added Mossy Skeleton
  • Added Myceling


  • Added Limestone Patch
  • Added Marble Patch
  • Added Tin Ore Patch
  • Added Zinc Ore Patch
  • Added Prismarine Ore Patch
  • Added Fossil Patch
  • Added Huge Mosshroom
  • Added Huge Mushroom with Shroomlight
  • Added Mosshroom Bush
  • Added Moss Berry Plant Vegetation
  • Added Mosshroom Fungus Vegetation
  • Added Moss Sprouts Vegetation
  • Added Mycelium Sprouts Vegetation


  • Added Moss Berry Plant
  • Added Mosshroom Fungus
  • Added Moss Sprouts
  • Added Mycelium Sprouts
  • Added Mosshroom Block
  • Added Mosshroom Light
  • Added Mosshroom Stem
  • Added Stripped Mosshroom Stem
  • Added Mosshroom Hyphae
  • Added Stripped Mosshroom Hyphae
  • Added Mosshroom Planks
  • Added Mycelium Deepslate
  • Added Limestone
  • Added Polished Limestone
  • Added Marble
  • Added Polished Marble
  • Added Stone Fossil
  • Added Deepslate Fossil
  • Added Prismarine Ore
  • Added Deepslate Prismarine Ore
  • Added Tin Ore
  • Added Deepslate Tin Ore
  • Added Zinc Ore
  • Added Deepslate Zinc Ore
  • Added Block of Raw Tin
  • Added Block of Raw Zinc
  • Added Block of Tin
  • Added Block of Zinc
  • Added Block of Bronze
  • Added Block of Brass


  • Added Moss Berry
  • Added Moss Berry Pie
  • Added Mosshroom Stew
  • Added Raw Tin
  • Added Tin Ingot
  • Added Tin Nugget
  • Added Tin Helmet
  • Added Tin Chestplate
  • Added Tin Leggings
  • Added Tin Boots
  • Added Tin Sword
  • Added Tin Axe
  • Added Tin Pickaxe
  • Added Tin Shovel
  • Added Tin Hoe
  • Added Raw Zinc
  • Added Zinc Ingot
  • Added Zinc Nugget
  • Added Zinc Helmet
  • Added Zinc Chestplate
  • Added Zinc Leggings
  • Added Zinc Boots
  • Added Zinc Sword
  • Added Zinc Axe
  • Added Zinc Pickaxe
  • Added Zinc Shovel
  • Added Zinc Hoe
  • Added Copper & Tin Ingot
  • Added Copper & Zinc Ingot
  • Added Bronze Ingot
  • Added Bronze Nugget
  • Added Bronze Helmet
  • Added Bronze Chestplate
  • Added Bronze Leggings
  • Added Bronze Boots
  • Added Bronze Sword
  • Added Bronze Axe
  • Added Bronze Pickaxe
  • Added Bronze Shovel
  • Added Bronze Hoe
  • Added Brass Ingot
  • Added Brass Nugget
  • Added Brass Helmet
  • Added Brass Chestplate
  • Added Brass Leggings
  • Added Brass Boots
  • Added Brass Sword
  • Added Brass Axe
  • Added Brass Pickaxe
  • Added Brass Shovel
  • Added Brass Hoe


  • Added 40 new recipes using Mosshroom Planks.
  • Added 26 new recipes using Mosshroom Stem & Mosshroom Hyphae.
  • Added 12 new charcoal recipes by furnacing the new Hyphae & Stem.
  • Added Mycelium recipe using Mycelium Sprouts.

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Download Nico’s Cave Expansion – BP or back up

Download Nico’s Cave Expansion – RP or back up

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