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More Ores Tools Addon v16.5 [Updated] | Minecraft Bedrock

New version More Ores Tools v16.5 with the big update. Changed many things such as tools, and armor codes, improvements, and add new features....

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As a result, this Raya 16x Texture Pack is yellowish-green in color to commemorate it. (I'd like to point you that I'm not a Muslim,...

Neko Yorokobi Addon

Neko Yorokobi Addon is a kawaii food addon, this add you new foods to your world such as donuts, icecream, boda, etc,.... Creator: Meonshii (youtube) Neko...

Craft Slayer Addon

Nichirin, oni form, breathing, and outfits of Amime are all included in the Craft Slayer addon for Minecraft Bedrock. This is a very entertaining...

More Body Actions & Multiplayer Home System | Minecraft Addons PE

Have you ever wanted to sit down, lie down, crawl or set home and teleport to it? With More Body Actions + Multiplayer...