Moon Knight Addon for Minecraft

Have you heard of the Marvel Comics character Moon Knight Addon? I developed the addon because he is one of my faves and his own show is on the way. Moon Knight and his rogues gallery, as well as some of his companions, are included in this update. Custom armors, weaponry, and much more are available. You can contact me through my YouTube channel if you want me to make an Addon or if you have any recommendations.

Cre: MrXtr8me (Youtube, Twitter)

Moon Knight Addon

Moon Knight:

Marc Spector was a mercenary who was killed while on the job. Khonshu, the Moon God, resurrected him and made him his fist to guard the world when he was ready to die. Marc Spector acquired multiple personalities after being resurrected, one of which being the Moon Knight Addon.

Moon Knight (Comics):

Moon Knight is similar to him, except he has a distinct skin tone and a staff. This Moon Knight has lost his abilities, but he continues to fight crime.

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Marc Spector was resurrected and given the title of Moon Knight by Khonshu, Egypt’s Moon God. Khonshu is a powerful warrior with a variety of special talents.

Moon Knight Addon

Midnight Man:

Midnight Man, also known as Mogart, is a burglar and art collector who goes by the moniker Midnight Man. Unsurprisingly, he prefers to work at night, much like Moon Knight.

Black Spectre:

Carson Knowles, also known as Black Spectre, is a villain who despises both the city and the moon knight. He wants retaliation for the way he was treated in the city. Black Spectre is a seasoned combatant with unrivaled strength. He utilizes a sword and wears armor for further durability.


Bushman was a mercenary who collaborated with Marc Spector on a project. They were on a mission near Marc’s villainous brother, Randal Spector, near the Egyptian border. When they were attempting to take the ancient Egyptian Alraune, Marc was betrayed by Bushman, who shot him. Marc was renamed Moon Knight as a result of this. After Moon Knight ripped Bushman’s face off, he made a fake one.

Shadow Knight(Randal Spector):

Marc Specter’s brother was Randal Spector. Even though he was nearly killed by Bushman, he managed to flee and, as a result of his fractured mind, became a psychopath serial killer. He eventually aspired to be like his brother, so he joined the Group of Khonshu and began stealing technologies from A.I.M in order to get similar abilities to his brother.


Mr-Knight is a Moon Knight personality who resembles a priest. He is still the Moon Knight, even if he is dressed in a suit.

Moon Knight Addon
Moon Knight Addon


Staff of the Moon Knight:

Moon Knight uses this staff to fight criminals late at night. It’s a staff that does a lot of damage.

Moon Knight Addon

Crescent darts:

Moon Knight uses crescent darts, which are moon-shaped boomerangs. It may be hurled at foes and has a good range. It slows down the adversary.

Some addons for Minecraft PE are similar to Moon Knight Addon for Minecraft you can check: 


Moon Knight Armored suit:

Moon Knight Classic suit:

Moon Knight MCU suit:

Mr-Knight suit:

Moon Knight Addon

Download Moon Knight Addon for Minecraft

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